Hundreds of photographs make up one 3D Sculpture

dogs3dsculpture From a distance these sculptures look like ceramics, but when you take a step closer you will find out that it is pure illusion.

vansculpturephoto twinssculpture suitcasesculpture shoes3d The unique and alive 3D sculptures are made out of many photographs of the original subjects.

sculpturephotos3d sculpturephoto redsunsculpture manphotosculpture koreansculpture hand3dsculpture The creator, a Korean sculptor Gwon Osang, has been one of the most recognized contemporary artists in Korea for his non-conventional approach to sculpture.

aman3dsculpture 3dphotosculpture 3dgirl 3dcoat More amazing and strange art, Junior Fritz use Toilet Paper Rolls for Sculptures , You will never think that these human bodies and faces aren’t real when you see this Ultra realistic shocking sculptures.


  1. if that would be built from pictures that have nothing to do with the sculpture itself, that would be cool. but in this case the artist just cut the picture of what it realy was and then added to a 3d something – looks cool but the ideia …x

  2. So give it a try – cut out pictures that have nothing to do with the sculpture and do what you said…betcha can’t

  3. Absolutely bad ass, great idea, at least someone is being innovative out there. Theirs a handful more others I admire also but way to go , great work. A+

  4. This has to be the most imaginative and innovative techniques I’ve ever seen! The world is yours, my friend. Keep it coming!

  5. A simple idea combined with vision, focused application equals art to inspire. What comes to mind is ‘a fractured reality’. Very cool

  6. These pictures are awesome, but they remind me of the 3D models in Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64 for some reason.

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