Hyper-realistic human sculptures that will shock you

man-face-sculpture In a previous article you had the chance to see these ultra realistic sculptures of human beings. Now the artist Sam Jinks, who’s been a commercial sculptor for 11 years and who spends his time creating hyper-realistic sculptures out of silicon, is returning with even more detailed work. zoomed in woman-in-bad-sculpture tourist-sleeping tourists sumo-wrestler-sculpture sumo wrestler shoping sculpture red-hear-sculpture painter mother-and-child manwithpirs man-with-beard-sculpture man with long hair sculpture man sculpture man real scultpure face guy grannies grandad-sculpture grandad cleaning lady baby head sculpture artist a-guy-sculpture You can stare for hours at the sculptures and they’ll still look like they’re real humans.


  1. The "Tourists" man looks exactly like someone I know in Phoenix, AZ. I'm going to send it to him and ask him when he posed.

  2. Some of these sculptures are not by Sam Jinks. 5 of them are by Ron Mueck–one is even a self-portrait.

  3. Very graphic and disturbing sculptures, it reminds me of plastination somewhat, but that’s a whole different ballgame entirely. If you have not seen any Japanese plastination check it out, your in for a real treat !

  4. :p its easy to tell its not real,since it doesn’t have the “glow” that normal skin has. hence some of them looks abit cartoony, well done none the less, however.Matt

  5. Hey naveed- these sculptures are by five different artists –
    Evan Penny,Ron Mueck,Duane Hanson, Jamie Salmon and Sam Jinks.

  6. Everyone should appreciate the talent & time spent on these ultra-observant depictions of the human structure. Thank you, Sam Jinks.

  7. As others have said, I think some of these are by different artists.

    Regardless. All are incredibly talented. Their work is amazing.

  8. this is awesome, yet somewhat creepy, work. some of it is brilliant, like the vacationers and the yard sale lady.

  9. God has really given you a gift that I really adore.. You are truly blessed.. It is so unbelievable how your work look so real.I saw your work exhibited in the year 2008 or 2007. Very good. I would like to know if you will return to the Art Museum in Fort Worth soon.

    God bless you…

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