If Dreams Came To Life – an Amazingly Creative Photo Editorial

Remember the fantastic video for Oren Lavie’s “Her morning elegance”? A day in the life of a woman is depicted in stop motion animation as she dreams that her bedsheets have come to life and are actively trying to recreate her morning commute.

German photographer Jan Von Holleben came up with a similar idea when asked to make a photo editorial that would represent dreams and their significance to people. He took a series of incredible photos featuring a girl lying in bed and sleeping while the everyday objects around her were used to make fantastic scenery. A blanket quickly turns into a giant cat or a car, hangers are used as birds and pillows as clouds. By rearranging the objects, Jan was able to bring a series of remarkable landscapes to life. He admits improvising most of the shots, toying with the ideas on the spot, which makes his masterpiece even more impressive.

I personally would like to see a Nightmares Come to Life series–the kind of thing Alfred Hitchcock could have fun with.

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