Images That Look Fake But Aren’t

It is easy to fool the world with a fake photo these days. You might pretend that a dinosaur is eating New York, that you have the unreleased iPhone 32 in your hand or that you are drinking a beer with Justin Bieber (Actually, that last one might be real but who would care anyway?) What’s more difficult is fooling the world with an image that looks fake but isn’t.

The Salt Mirror Image

Images That Look Fake and Salt Mirror Image

This is the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. I know because I have a very similar but slightly more handsome photo in my personal photo collection. It is the world’s biggest salt flat and during the rainy season the film of water on the surface turns it into a giant, very cool mirror which produces photos which look fake.

The Cloud Kettle Image

Images That Look Fake and The Cloud Kettle Image

You can say hello to our old friend Mr False Sense of Perspective here. I am sure we will be hearing more from him later on.

The Weird Landscape Image

Images That Look Fake and The Weird Landscape Image

I know litle about this picture of Zhangye in China except, well, that’s it really.

The Dripping Bottle Image

Images That Look Fake and The Dripping Bottle Image

There are a few possible explanations for this photo that appears fake but isn’t. If we leave aside the frightening theory that giant bottles are roaming the Earth and randomly dripping on runners we could probably chalk it down to perspective again.

The Water Fairy Image

Images That Look Fake and The Water Fairy Image

You know that thing your dog does when he gets out of the river and covers you all in water? That’s right; the bit right before he makes your car smell like a thousand pair of damp socks. Well, this is kind of the same thing but probably not as smelly as the mutt.

Just Another Salt Image

Images That Look Fake and Salt Image

We are back to the Salar de Uyuni again but this time it looks like the dry season. The thing about being on a vast salt plain is that there is no sense of perspective in your photos. I’ve got another photo similar to this one but with my head appearing to pop out of a cooking stove. Oh, how we laughed.

The Weird Dog Image

Images That Look Fake and The Weird Dog Image

Can you imagine this beast coming up to you in the street and sniffing your groceries. Hey, you can take the lot dude as long as you leave me with at least one usable appendage still attached in the right place. Actually, this crazy image is of a real pooch called, rather surprisingly, Wendy. It seems as though Wendy has some sort of genetic disorder. Not that I would mention that in front of her.

The Hanging Image

Images That Look Fake and The Hanging Image

I don’t know anything about this image that looks fake, but it looks as though a couple of kids are dangling off a rope at a great height, above the sun. Does anyone know the trick behind this picture, as I am told that it is real and not a fake?

The Apple Atlas Image

Images That Look Fake and The Apple Atlas Image

There are really two ways to get an apple to look like the planet Earth. One involves taking a simple piece of computer software and doing it comfortably and quickly. The other involves hours of nibbling and of picking tiny bits of apple skin out of your teeth. Can you imagine the frustration if you were almost finished and then realised that you had completely forgotten about Iceland? If I am being honest I would have just carried on and hoped that no one even noticed.

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