Silicone implants for a tattoo

silicone implants for tattoo (3) This uncommon tattoo is a idea of eccentric man from Pacific Beach in San Diego, California . His tattoo of lady now have breast silicone implants but he got a horrible infection and had to have it all taken out. Incredibly, he said that after it heals up (IF it heals up), he was going to try it again all through infection almost cost him his leg silicone implants for tattoosilicone implants for tattoo (2) silicone implants for tattoo (1) If you think this tattoo is idiotic, then you should definitely check out these locations where people go to get tattooed.


  1. omg – that's probably going to look a bit like some weird skin cancer right?

  2. Oh,well… It looks like men want to have silicon implants, too. The guy's probably just being jealous…

  3. You guys seen the pics of this guy after the implants got infected? seen them on ebaums a while back

  4. Shouldn’t the tattoo artist be arrested for doing surgery (practicing medicine) without a license?! In an obviously non-sterile setting? Was anybody surprised it got infected?

  5. Interesting idea. But it still looks more like a swollen region, than anything. LIke he got nailed with a golf-club, but without the bruising.

  6. Who wrote the article? Was it Tonto from the Lone Ranger series? Clearly English is not the writers first language.

  7. frost685dude! hawaiiand did taitootng like this a long time ago, they stoped and a few years ago like my round the 70s 80s or 90s nt to sure they started back. this is the same story with alot of different polynesian cultures, some have just stoped completey, but samoans HAVE NEVER STOPED!!!! lol just putting it out there, we shud be reconised more for this method.

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