The Ultimate Impossible Food Challenges List

Food challenges have been around for a long time. And many of them, while being just as impossibly ridiculous as the TidePod Challenge, aren’t as potentially life-threatening and do involve actual food that a lot of people consume on a daily basis. Check out this impossible food challenges list. There’s the milk challenge, the ghost pepper challenge, the saltines challenge, the marshmallow challenge, the cinnamon challenge, the warheads challenge, and the bananas and Sprite challenge. Try some of them out, if you dare. Or maybe just pick truth instead.

7 Impossible Food Challenges List

1. Milk

Every impossible food challenges list includes the age-old chugging of milk challenge. Why? For one, it’s accessible and affordable, you only need one product and you can pick it up pretty much anywhere at any time; milk is something that a large percentage of people consume every day; for some, more than once a day. And two, what could be so hard about drinking a gallon of milk in an hour? Seems like an easy challenge to win. But not so. The issue that arises is that our bodies cannot process that much lactose in such a short period of time. An enzyme within our body, lactase, handles the lactose from the milk, but lactase will dissipate extremely quickly with a gallon of milk.

Probable Result: You will most likely vomit up the milk during the challenge or after.

2. Ghost Pepper

In this challenge, the participants must chew and swallow an entire ghost pepper (or a similar-type pepper like a habanero, but the ghost pepper is commonly referred to as the hottest pepper in the entire world). Based on the size of the pepper, normally not much bigger than a jalapeno, one might think that this would be an effortless task. However, they were not kidding when they deemed the ghost pepper the hottest pepper in the world; it has been cited as being up to 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. And Tabasco sauce is already pretty hot in itself. It ranks in at a whopping 1,000,000 on a Scoville scale, which is a measurement of the strength of chili peppers.

Probable Result: Aside from a burning hot mouth and tears, there are reported cases of more damaging results, such as it putting a hole in a man’s esophagus.

3. Saltines

Nothing like a salty, crunchy, flaky saltine cracker to accompany your soups or to lay the foundation for your favorite dips or cheeses. So one would not think that something as innocent as saltines would be part of the impossible food challenges list. But you’d be wrong. And you be doubly wrong to think that eating six crackers in a minute without water would be a pretty mild challenge to take on. The problem? Simply put, our mouths do not produce enough saliva to handle the dryness of these crackers, therefore eating one per ten seconds is beyond our capacity.

Probable Result: At least one or two crackers will be left uneaten after you’ve given up and asked for water, or you’ll choke trying to get them down.

4. Marshmallows

Everybody loves marshmallows, they’re chewy and gooey and sweet. The perfect snack for anytime. As long as you are swallowing them. For this challenge, participants must try to stuff as many marshmallows in their mouth as they can without swallowing, and then clearly pronounce the phrase “Chubby Bunny.” Judges will determine what is or is not an acceptable pronunciation. This is one of the more difficult ones on the impossible food challenges list because not only do you have to be able to speak during it, marshmallows are not easily dissolved by our saliva, so you are literally stuffing your face.

Probable Result: If you don’t eventually choke on these, you run the risk of suffocating yourself.

5. Cinnamon

The cinnamon challenge is a staple of the impossible food challenges list. Probably because cinnamon flavor is something almost everyone loves. From bagels to French toast to gum, you would think that ingesting cinnamon would be a treat. And just a spoonful in a whole minute? Easy. However, cinnamon powder is so dry that it instantly clears out any saliva in your mouth and then coats it; even just a spoonful is almost impossible to swallow.

Probable Result: Just like any other one of the items in the impossible food challenges list, vomiting is inevitable. However, inhalation is so dangerous to our systems that it can cause breathing problems, irritation, and even lead to a collapsed lung.

6. Warheads

Nothing like a sugary, sweet piece of candy to get you going. This challenge involves ingesting 150 Extreme Sour Warheads in only ten minutes. Other than the risk of cavities, this one might sound pretty easy if you like candy and sours, but it’s not easy for your body to take that much malic acid in all at once.

Probable Result: Bloody tongue, whether or not you even finish them. Other reported cases of loss of taste buds.

7. Bananas and Sprite

Bananas are great in helping to maintain good health; they are high in potassium and fiber. And Sprite, well, it’s not the worst of all soft drinks. But mixing the two together is not great for your health. For this challenge, one must eat two bananas while at the same time drinking a liter of Sprite. Sounds pretty straightforward. However, our bodies are not able to digest both of these simultaneously. The bananas form a blockage wherein the gas from the soda cannot get through.

Probable Result: Your body will eject the substances. Sometimes the challenge is played oppositely: the winner is the one who vomits first.

Summing Up

These are only a few from the impossible food challenges list. There are a ton more out there and new ones created every day. If you are going to attempt one, just make sure you stay as safe as possible and have medical attention handy. Oh and don’t eat laundry detergent. It’s not a food.

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