In Russia, "Star Wars" movie posters were not as usual as everywhere else

russian-space-cowboy These Star Wars posters made in Soviet Russia are worth small fortune now at e-bay. Star Wars fans and collectors will give over $5000 for one of these original posters.

warsstar star-wars-russia starwarsrussia During cold war this was the only way Russian movie companies could present George Lucas movies, “Galactic Western” movies how they liked to call them. Latest Hollywood movies are hand drawn by Russian movie companies in smaller cities, check it out.


  1. It's interesting that the face at the bottom of poster #2 looks a lot like DC Comics supervillian Darkseid (Dark side). Coincidence?

  2. I would have been -so- disappointed at the film after those posters-they look way more interesting than the film.

  3. I too would be dissapointed and I love star wars.

    I have to wonder though, did the illustrators even see star wars? Their concepts don’t have anything to do with the movies.

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