Incredible Tiny Sculptures Made On Pencil Tips

Get your magnifying glass, you’re gonna need it to see this collection of miniature sculptures! The person who made theses sculptures has a lot of patience and intestinal fortitude. Carving tiny artwork on pencil tips is not for the weak.

Dalton M. Ghetti, a Brazilian born artist from Connecticut, has been making these micro-sculptures for over 25 years. His idea is to bring people to appreciate small things and to turn discarded objects into art using discarded pencils he finds in trashcans. He carves the sculptures using only a sewing needle and a small metal blade. He works at a very slow pace and only for an hour or two per day.

Some of these sculptures took over two years to create. What’s interesting is that Mr. Ghetti has never sold any of his work, proving that for him it’s just a hobby and a form of meditation.

Taking a leap from pen and paper, another artist made sculptures out of typewriters.

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