Indepensense – Surreal Body Part Montages

From time to time we here at This Blog Rules like to get a little surrealistic. Don’t you? You may remember our post about Josh Sommers’ insane photo montages, the contents of which I think we can all agree were very insane indeed. Now Italian artist Giuseppe Mastromatteo has taken surrealism to a whole new level in his project called “Indepensense”.

In the photos above and below, Mastromatteo makes it look like the body parts of his nude subjects have been melted together. It’s almost like the human body is transparent, causing noses, ears and mouths to peek through hands, arms and hair.

Mastromatteo writes about the arts, teaches advertising at several academic institutions, and works as an art director at the Triennale Museum of Milan. If you ever bump into him on the street, be sure to mention that you saw his art featured on TBR.

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