Five Insane Sports that Actually Exist

If they aren’t nuts about football, then they live for basketball. If neither is something they enjoy, then they love tennis or hockey. The point is that every person on this planet has a sport that he/she is crazy about, and to be perfectly honest, we have lost their count. There seems to be a sport for everything on this planet. Some are strange, others completely deranged. There are also a select few which are extremely dangerous. Adrenaline junkies will always seek the thrill that sky diving, climbing rocks without cords or chasing bulls can give, but these aren’t the only extreme sports you will hear about. This list is dedicated to the strangest, most insane sports (if you can call them that) in the World.

1. Ferret Legging


This is without a doubt one of the strangest insane sports that we have ever heard of. It has actually become a national contest a few years ago. The game became popular with coal miners from Yorkshire, England in the 70s. Nowadays, if you see men acting funny at Celtic fests, you can safely assume that they have a ferret in their pants. How is it played? You basically have to tie your pants to the ankles, insert the ferret and seal the upper part with a belt. Participants are not allowed to wear underwear, and ferrets have to have teeth. Whoever lasts the longest, wins. The first thing that comes to mind is that the confused ferret will take a bite out of the precious jewels, but apparently these creatures love confined spaces. We just hope the poor animal will emerge emotionally unscathed after this experience.

Interesting Fact: The Record for the longest time was 5 hours.

2. Buzkashi


Buzkashi, the national sport of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and other unpronounceable Central Asian nations, is not only strange, but it is also cruel, and definitely worthy of an insane sports position.The goal is to snatch a dead goat from the other players and landing it on a circular goal line while riding a horse. In a way it is similar to polo, only it uses dead goats instead of sticks and balls. Nevertheless, it still has the violence, kicking and bashing that we have become used to when watching polo. It was recently adopted in America, but instead of using goats, players now have to snatch dummies.

Interesting Fact: Buzkashi games can last several days.

3. Eukonkanto (Wife Carrying)


Here’s another strange one. It appeared a few decades ago in Finald, as a joke. Eukonkanto is the perfect example of insane sports for couples, because it literally means carrying your wife on your back and racing with others on obstacle courses. Truth be told, you don’t necessarily have to care your wife. It can be a friend’s wife, or just an acquaintance. The obstacle course consists of a 250-meter track with two jumps and a water trap. If you drop the wife, you receive a 15-second penalty, and probably a good beating at home.

4. Extreme Ironing


Who said that only women know how to iron has never seen an Extreme Ironing match. Extreme ironing is a game that talks about ironing in the most unpredictable situations. Competitors have ironed on the top of Everest, while surfing and even while parachuting from the edge of a cliff. It may not have become an Olympic event yet but people actually gather and go places to see how enthusiasts of this sport iron.

5. Worm Charming

worms01Before you laugh, you should know that Worm Charming is a legitimate sport in the United Kingdom. In addition to this, the sport is so loved by people that it actually turned into a national event that is held in Cheshire every years. The rules of the game are very simple. You get a patch of land and you have to bring out as many worms as possible in 30 minutes.  

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