10 Funniest Instagram Users You Should Definitely Follow

On April 9, 2012, Facebook announced its intention of acquiring Instagram, for $1 billion dollars. Soon after the purchase, the number of users skyrocketed from nearly 40 million to over 150 million users. That’s a lot, especially for a three-year-old social network, which had the good fortune of marrying into the Facebook family. If you are not familiar with the app, we will tell you what it does. Basically, you take photos of whatever it is you want (selfies, food, landscapes, vacation, or anything you think is important), edit it with the awesome pre-installed effects, and share it with your friends. Businesses have used it for raising brand awareness, celebrities as a means of staying in touch with fans, and regular people to simply share their life with loved ones. So if you are new to Instagram, or simply looking for an inspiring person, here are 10 Instagram users that you should definitely follow:

1. Jenna Marbles – @jennamarbles

j m

You might know Jenna from her YouTube channel of the same name. She is a beautiful, silly blonde that loves making fun of herself, while also exposing some pretty rough truths about people. She has been producing Youtube videos for over four years, and at the moment she is among the most popular Vloggers out there. On her Instagram feed she shares the occasional dog pictures (she has an adorable Italian Greyhound and a black little pooch) and the funny Photocombs. Her account is definitely the one to visit if you want to have a good laugh.

2. Justin Bieber – @justinbieber


What would the man-child pop singer be doing in our top 10 Instagrammers to follow list? Well, whether you’re a fan or not (especially if you are not a fan), you should follow Biebs, because this is the place where all the gossip blogs get their juice to mock the teenage sex-symbol. Photos like Bieber “riding” a horse, or looking sexy might have appeared in your Facebook Newsfeed, and now you will be able to see them directly from the source. Who knows, your next photo-manipulation might even make it on the front page of 9gag.

3.  Rihanna – @badgirlriri


Not only is Rihanna one of the hottest singers in the music industry, but she is also the ballsiest, most intriguing woman we have ever laid our eyes upon online. This Barbados sweetheart uses her Instagram to post whatever photo she wants, and there’s nobody out there that can tell her otherwise.

4. Hedgehogs – @darcytheflyinghedgehog 


I had no idea that hedgehogs were so adorable. Good luck this funny Instagrammer came along to teach me the error of my ways. Just look at how cute and cuddly these little creatures are.

5. Chelsea Peretti – @chelsanity


Chelsea is a well-known stand-up comedian and writer who has worked on Parks and Recreation, and the Sarah Silverman Program. Her Instagram account is extremely diversified, and features a myriad of awkward selfies, stuff she’s reading on her iPhone, and adorable puppies.

6. Paul Scheer – @paulscheer

paul scheer

Paul Scheer is hilarious by nature. He is a writer, TV guy, and comedian who loves to turn street sightings into gold mines for laughter on his Instagram feed.

7. Satire Gram – @satiregram


Considering that Instagram is a platform heavily-reliant on visual information, it would sound counter-intuitive for a user to post only written stuff on it, right? Wrong. Satiregram has learned to exploit the magic of Text-only Instagram. He uses clever clichés and well-written jokes to entertain his followers.

8. CashCats – @cashcats


Everybody loves cats, and money, so if you put them together, the only thing that could result would be something awesome. CashCats is arguably one of the funniest Instagram accounts you could ever dare follow.

9. Ke$ha – @iiswhoiis


The pop singer and songwriter Ke$ha is definitely very strange. As we all know, she loves to party, so her Instagram account is full of surprisingly funny photos, including one in which she is dresses as a giant ding-dong. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, she took a selfie of herself while peeing, so there is literally nothing more embarrassing that she could surprise us with.

10. Ludacris – @itsLudacris


Have you ever wondered what the life of a rap-star could be life? If you did, then you should definitely follow Ludacris on Instagram, assuming you can keep up with it. Ludacris shares behind-the-scenes shots with other celebs, and funny selfies. His laid-back attitude and lighthearted look on life will definitely make you smile.

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