International Food Festival Advertisement – Food Flags

swissfood Different flags of countries being represented by their native foods. These creative and colorful meals shaped as different flags of countries is to be seen in the new Sydney International Food Festival in October, 2009. Every flag is representing the native food from that particular country, and it’s hard not to get hungry when looking at it.

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  1. Well, if they did a USA flag, It would costs millions of dollars. It would consist of hamburgers, turkey legs, corn, and lard. And it would only have 43 stars on it b/c 7 states would probably succeed from the Union by the time it was built!

  2. No the third one is Lebanese, it doesn’t matter what the URL says, it only matters what country the flag represents. Google the Lebanese flag, and Google the Austrian flag, then realize how foolish you are

  3. Yeah it might say Austrian on the URL but their flag doesnt have a tree in the middle, it has a black bird coat of arms. This is the Lebanon Flag.

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