iPad d’Art – the new way to have fun with your iPad

white house ipadart

This is a guest post by D. Salmons over at TestFreaks. If you would like to know what is the best lcd tv to buy make sure to check them out.

The iPad itself is a work of art, built on clean lines and modern simplistic styling. But the large screen and great transportability of the device makes us believe that it will find its way into visual applications across all walks of life.

The visual window that the iPad provides can also be used to look at ordinary things in new ways. By the juxtaposition of the iPad against the familiar and some digital image processing, we happen upon something new.

So, without any more delays, we present to you iPad d’Art.

washington ipad art lincoln ipadart ipad-art-5 ipad-art-2 ipadart4 hand ipad art george-washington-ipad empire-state-building-ipad building-ipad-art


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