Ironic and unrealistic touch to the world of comics


If you liked the article about the “things wouldn’t be so much fun if” – comics where everything was turned upside down such like pillows having fights with human bodies, or ice creams licking children, you will definitely like this one also. This time there has been added an ironic and unrealistic touch to the pictures.

trainformers sheep-bottle runners orchestra-crazy mcdonald-eating-pizza live-sushi lego lab i-touch-iphone hunter golf ghost-busters football-team food-fight flash cokeshutle casttle bone bike allian These ilustrations are made by artist Glennz. You can see how aliens are making crop circles with harvester, how a hook hand is using an iPhone and how runners are running with scissors in their hands and many other cool illustrations here.


  1. Literally nothing even remotely ironic about these comics. They were pretty funny but not ironic whatsoever

  2. Does anyone know where I can get all of these pictures with a bigger and better resolution. And also does anyone know the artist?

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