Is Horseriding a Sport? 5 Reasons Why It Is

Is horseriding a sport? Is it, really? What DO we classify as a sport now that we think about it? There are some who claim that poker and pool are sporty activities for sure, yet some still continue to doubt whether horseriding really fits into this category or not. Well, we’re here to blow away those doubts.

Is Horseriding a Sport


Many argue that horseriding can’t really be considered a sport because it allegedly requires no effort from the rider’s part. The one running around and gracefully leaping over various fences and objects is the horse, not you, right? If that’s the way you want to judge it, you won’t ever get anywhere. Instead, let’s try to see whether horseriding fits the criteria that most people use to label sports.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #1

What is the main thing that links horseriding, football, and poker together? All of them have competitive sides. By default, most (if not all) types of sports have some sort of competitive layer to them. Horseriding can very much be competitive and in more than one way. Competitions are of all kinds and while some may argue that, again, it’s the horse doing all the work, we want to agree to disagree. Behind every graceful and obedient horse stands a rider who’d invested hours of training and hard work.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #2

Most sports are team sports, which is why it’s always a good reason to get your children to practice a sport from an early age. Putting aside all the health benefits, this kind of practice is also going to improve social skills and cooperation. Horseriding is, too, a form of team play. A rider’s most loyal and, simultaneously, most difficult teammate is the horse. It can be hard to communicate with the voiceless creatures, but with enough patience, you can develop an unbreakable bond.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #3

Sports will always improve one particular aspect of your body. There are sports like poker, which have zero effect on your physique, but end up training your brain. Traditionally, though, when you practice a sport, you boost your fitness. Does horseriding do this? Of course it does! Maneuvering such a large animal, riding, holding steady, keeping balance, and herding it to go your way – all of these elements create a strong foundation for muscle training. Particularly in the leg area, you will definitely feel some aftermaths of this activity.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #4

Did you know you can actually burn calories? That’s not exactly all too surprising, but calorie-burning comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. You can burn calories by simply lying in bed (though that’s not in the least recommended), let alone through horseriding. Aside from the work and effort you invest in the activity itself, you also need to consider all the labor that comes with taking care of your teammate. Grooming, cleaning around the stables, and generally caring for the horse all count as chores. And, yes, chores do burn calories.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #5

The beautiful thing about sports is that they are open to anyone. If you wish to learn how to play volleyball, for instance, you can get up one day, hit up your local gym, and learn how to play it! The same goes for horseriding. Like all other sports, you can either practice it casually or professionally, entering tournaments and competitions. All of this falls under the “rules and regulations” category. To play football, you need to understand a set of basic rules first. Horseriding has its own rules. It’s accessible to anyone, it can be practiced casually or professionally, and it’s governed by strict regulations. These all sound like reasons why it’s a sport, don’t they?


Let’s ask again: is horseriding a sport? We are certain of it. If you still doubt it, maybe you should try going through a much more thorough analysis, side by side with whatever other activity you DO consider to be a sport.

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