James Kuhn is continuing to paint his face

everyday-facepaint You maybe remember a previous article about an artist by the name James Kuhn that is painting his own face differently each day for a whole year. Now he is back with more face designs like a Coke bottle, a Geisha, a flying owl, etc and even famous people like Clint Eastwood and Hilary Duff.

Another exciting painting he made was to paint his face so it would look like he was in the dark with just a bit of lightning.

woman-facepaint V-facepaint shh-facepaint priest-facepaint pelican-facepaint owl-facepaint king-cards-facepaint jocker-facepaint Japanese-Noh-Theatre-Mask-facepaint indian-facepaint Hillary-Duff-facepaint geisha-facepoint coca-cola-facepaint Clint-Eastwood-facepaint candle-book-facepaint While Kuhn is painting his face, this artist is using walls to paint ultra realistic 3D paintings of people.

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