Jumping around on high cliffs to capture a photo

jumping for a photo (1) Would you sacrifice your life for an amazing photo shot? This guy definitely would, jumping around on high cliffs just to get to the best location so he can capture the most amazing photo. Don’t try this, a photo is not worth your life.

jumping for a photo (2)jumping for a photo Talk about extreme photography, these guys are taking close ups of polar bears in the wild.


  1. Some people think that sitting on the sofa drinking coke and eating chips is crazy.

  2. He’s not an idiot, the idiot are the one who believe what they see and can’t see that it’s just part of an illusion. I saw the entire set of picture on another website once, and it was revealed at the end, that the cliff isn’t so high than it seem

  3. Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on the shore and merely existed?

  4. The ground is just out of the frame at the bottom of the photo. He was really no higher than your living room ceiling.

  5. Why do people assume this guy's in danger? By the looks of things, he knows what he's doing.

    There's lots of beautiful places in this world that take a bit of work to get to. Step outside your comfort zone for once and try to remember what it means to be a creature engaged with the planet.

  6. Just asking.. if he is shooting polar bears in the wild, when was the last time they migrated to some desert terrain and could be photographed from a set of rock formations that is obviously "high and away" and BTW.. nice midget lens in which to get up close to the animials.. Oh wait, I bet its the 9000x magnification on one of those stupidly expensive set ups. Where did he hide that tripod when he jumped back..in his flip flop sandals? Again.. don't polar bears dig cool temps and cold water?

  7. In fact, he jumped on a high cliff not to capture a photo but to be photographed while jumping on a high cliff.

    These pictures are actually better than the ones taken by the guy who jumped around on high cliffs.

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