Keep Yourself Dry With A Samurai Umbrella

Don’t say that you have never pretended that your umbrella is some kind of ass-kicking sword. Most of us have done it at some point or another, though of course when nobody is watching (or so we think). But now you can finally stop pretending, because the samurai sword umbrella is here, and it most definitely is a bad-ass accessory to have in your possession. Not only will it keep you dry when those cats and dogs are falling from the sky, it will make you feel like you have a secret weapon at all times; James Bond would be proud.

To be fair, you are most likely just going to be fighting the rain with the umbrella sword, but it’s the thought that counts, right? It comes in two versions: Katana, that is the big one, and Tanto, the smaller one.

The umbrella (or rain protector if you will) is sturdy and comes equipped with a push button opening. It also has a nylon “scabbard,” whatever the devil that is. Plus, it has this cool shoulder strap which makes the samurai sword look even more realistic. It has even been banned at an Atlanta campus after a student was spotted with one, so it definitely seems legit.

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