Kill Time While Waiting at the DMV

Five people waiting in waiting room

We all hate it! From geeks to chicks the DMV is dreaded by all of us. Fortunately, DMVs across the country have upgraded their online service offerings so you can do much of your motor-related chores through the Internet.

Unfortunately, there are still some things that force you go down to the DMV and wait, and wait, and wait. It’d be nice if you could just upload an Instagram photo and have them mail you a license, but that doesn’t seem likely, so you’re stuck taking a number. Here are six ways to make the long and sometimes exasperating wait at the DMV go by quickly.

Fun With Phones

Downloadable games have turned every smartphone into a mobile gaming device. If you have a long wait ahead of you, you have a myriad of choices in games that will pass the time. Whether its a strategy game, action game, or an educational game, you can find a downloadable game thats right up your alley. You can spend your time mindlessly slicing fruit with Fruit Ninja or improve your memory and cognition with Brain Trainer.

Make a List, Check it Twice

Chances are, there are other things you could be doing that are more productive than sitting in uncomfortable plastic chairs waiting for an unenthusiastic DMV worker to be angry with you for something. Make a list of the things you’d rather be doing. Its easy to think of all the fun or productive things you’d like to be doing instead of lamenting the 30 people in front of you at the DMV.

Catch-up on Reading

Most people wish they had more time to read; the DMVs molasses-like pace gives you that opportunity. Pick out a few magazines you’ve been meaning to read or break out that book you’ve always wanted to start. By bringing your own reading material you can enjoy the time by flipping through your favorite periodical or getting lost in the literary world.

Puzzle It Up

Puzzles are not only fun but they also help exercise your brain and keep your mind off the seconds slowly passing. If you don’t have a favorite puzzle book already, buy a newspaper and go to the comics section to find a number of puzzles that will keep your mind engaged while you wait for your name or number to be called.

People Watch

No matter who you are or what you do, you’ll find yourself at the DMV at some point. Consequently, the DMV can feature an interesting cross-section of your community. Its fun to play Sherlock Holmes and see if you can make some deductions about your fellow motorists or to see the drama of a teen taking their driving test.


Life can be stressful. Use your wait time at the DMV to decompress and relax. The DMV is a far cry from a sanctum, but with the right attitude you can unwind anywhere. Closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and collecting yourself does wonders for your state of mind and reduces your stress level.

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