5 Killer Parties in The World

Whether or now you are a party animal, there have surely been some parties that you would like to relive. There have also been celebrations that left you not only out of order the next morning, but also wishing there would be a sequel. Now when you take those parties and multiply their fun factor by thousands, you get a glimpse of some of the best parties on Earth. While everyone knows about the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival, there are other monster parties that have such unique concepts and exquisite planning, you’re bound to plan at least one vacation in your life around them. Here are 5 killer parties around the world.

We know we already presented some of them in our previous post about Insane Festivals, but these parties are too awesome to miss.

Holi in Uttar Pradesh


The beginning of spring is heralded all over India when the youth are allowed to give color and express their feelings during the Holi festival. Held in Uttar Pradesh, this festival marks the triumph of good over evil and is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm. (in Indian culture, Holika, the sister of the demon Hiranya Kashyap, carried Prahlad the youngest son of God in her lap inside the burning pyre, but through the grace of God she was burnt and Prahlad survived)

Festivities last for more than a week and its main beauty lies in the fact that participants sprinkle colored water and water powder over one and other, turning the city and each other into a beautiful rainbow of colors. Moreover, in Braj, festivities also allow women of the village to beat their men with cudgels (in memory of the Gopis chasing the Gopas of Nandgaon away with “lathis”) and shower them with colored water in their expression of joy.

Chek the Video: here

Copenhagen Distortion


This festival takes place on the streets of Copenhagen as well as many other unusual locations and represents the ultimate block-party. Starting on the first Saturday of June, the festival is centered around contemporary art, street life, dance music, club culture and social art. It features more than 150 dance floors hosted by prominent icons of night- and street life (galleries, shops, magazines, people). It has an atmosphere of high-energy chaos that has a street freedom feeling to it. Lasting 5 days, festivities take place in a new neighborhood each day and concludes in a massive rave.

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La Tomatina, Spain


Thought only children have fun when playing with food? Think again. This popular Spanish party is considered the largest food fight worldwide. It is so large that in Bunol, the city where it takes place, tomato juice fills the streets. It is held on the last Wednesday of August and begins in the town square, where participants try to retrieve a piece of ham tied to a pole. When the beginning of the festival is signaled, countless trucks filled with tomatoes appear, and, with the new found ammunition, the enormous food fight takes place until the end of the event.

Check the video: here 

Oktoberfest, Germany


We all know how serious Germans are about their beer, and it seems only befitting that they create a whole festival where beer is the focus. Lasting 17 or 18 days (between September and the first Sunday of October, so when it falls on the 1st or 2nd of October, the festival lasts until the 3rd of October- German Unity day), this festival gathers more than 6 million people from around the world and is the largest Volksfest in the world. The beer served may only be brewed within the limits of Munich and needs to conform to the Purity Law of beer in Germany.

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Bay to Breakers, California


This annual footrace in San Francisco has participants running 12 kilometers from The Embarcadero (at the San Francisco Bay) to the Great Highway (next to the Pacific coast). However, they make this run while wearing ridiculous costumes and engaging in different degrees of public nudity. Running through the streets is not only liberating but morale lifting. Many participants say that it’s the only race where you actually forget about the running and simply have fun.

Check the video: here 

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