Lazy Magnolia’s “Southern Pecan” Brew Review


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And our weekly columns starts off with…

Southern Pecan

Brewed By:

Lazy Magnolia


Kiln, Mississippi

Registering  a 4.39% ABV, Southern Pecan is a relatively light 6-pack, but if you and your friends like Brown Ales, this creative southern twist is sure to be a hit. Brewed with pecans, this beer has an obvious nutty flavor, but the Brown Ale behind the nutty flavor combines to bring a lighter, smoother taste than other Brown Ales. Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan is also brewed with lots of caramel flavor, and you’ll be hard pressed not to smell or taste that right away. The label claims it’s the Original Pecan Nut Brown Ale, and we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Lazy Magnolia was founded as the first craft brewery in Mississippi in 2003, and has been serving up creative concoctions ever since. They officially have 5 other types of beers: Southern Gold, Deep South, Jefferson Stout, Southern Hop’spitality, and Indian Summer. Unfortunately, I believe this beer is only available in TX, LA, GA, FL and TN, but if you live in or visit any of those states, be sure to  pick some of this up.Southern Pecan ABV


(All Info and Graphic Taken From the Lazy Magnolia)

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