Legos blending in with city life

Artist Temujin Doran has come up with a super way to advertise the toy brand Lego. He simply takes photos of small Lego figures placed in real-life situations.

The interesting part is how he manages to pick the right Lego for the right scene. The fact that he can find an appropriate Lego for almost any situation is a true testament to the vast library of available Legos. A similar thing has been done with these superimposed photographs that show the past.


  1. Hahaha you really do not have concept of what people would be interested in seeing or talking about, ever. Please remove this blog as it is a waste of infamous internet space.
    So help you God.

    From ours to yours, happy New Year!
    Lauren and Tim

  2. I don’t usually respond to comments like this, but yours struck me as particularly odd because you wrote the comment as two people. Then you made a reference to your blog (“ours to yours”) but failed to link to your blog. Also unusual. I’m sorry this blog isn’t up to your high standards. You have an open invitation to write a post for it whenever you want so that it can meet with your satisfaction.

    Happy New Year!

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