Light painting, creativity and fun together as one

light-paint-phone-booth For light painting you need a digital camera with long exposure and 5 different types of light sources such as flashlights, light toys, torch, LED’s. Now you need to find a darkened room and partner to take the pictures. Now set your camera in such a way that it can take long exposure pictures, most digital cameras are capable of taking 8 seconds or longer exposure. This process is called “shutter priority” or “bulb setting”.

light-paiting-woman-and-dog light-paint-red-and-blue-guy light-paint-park light-painting light-paint-guy-sitslight-paint-goal

Now you need to use variety of light sources to start your painting work, you might use multi-colored LED’s, toy moving with lights, your cell phone, or flashlight.You can add various translucent materials to the light source to change the way the light looks by adding waxed paper, or foam. Now turn off the lights and ask your partner to press the shutter release button on the camera and make a light painting.



light-paint-evolutionDramatic lighting: This form of light painting is one of my favorite, there are plenty of things you can do with flash gun. So, the idea is to create a dramatic scene by having a certain area in the frame highlighted by the light source which is exposed around the subject. The main limitation of getting this type of light painting is getting the exposure correct, but once it is completed you will get most stunning results but it takes lots of practice to get it right.

light-paint light-graffs light-graffiti-dog light-graffiti Light painting by moving the camera: This form of light painting also known as camera painting, is the antithesis of traditional photography. Camera can be used as a paintbrush in a dark room or at night. An example of this form of light painting is using night sky as canvas and camera as the brush.  Several kinds of artistic images can be created by putting energy into moving the camera by stroking lights.

light-graff-arrow light-graff light painting alphabetAnd you can always drive bicycle at night like these glow-in-the-dark bikes with visual effects on the wheels


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