Liquid Flowers: Floral Figures of Falling Paint

Screw those regular old boring flowers you can see sticking out from the bottom of your front garden: these liquid flowers are much more interesting, and some would say even more gorgeous. Using a combination of high speed photography and painstakingly precise splashes of falling paint, Wisconsin-born artist Jake Long is able to capture these utterly stunning floral figures, some of which are even standing in pots (also constructed from fast-moving droplets of paint hurtling through the air).

The paint itself is made of water mixed with thickeners, pigments and dyes, and is used to construct leaves, stems, petals and pots. Long is tight-lipped about his exact methods of capturing these blooming marvelous liquid flowers, but he has stated that they take months of planning and testing until the final result is ready to be photographed. I think you’ll agree all those months have paid off in spectacular, jaw-dropping fashion.

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