Living with 70 000 beer cans, World’s drunkest house

beercanshouse You know the feeling when after using something you just can’t throw it away, like shoes or magazines? But what about empty beer cans? And 70 000 of them! This pile of beer cans was found in in an Ogden townhouse. 24 beers a day for 8 years, worth 800 dollars after recycling.beerhouse2 beerhouse beerhousecans Talk about unusual home, this family is living in the cave!


  1. Wow! I've seen pics of this before, it is a disorder of behavior that usually affects old people who live in loneliness and abandon. These confinements commonly are accompanied of the accumulation of big quantities of garbage.
    It's terrible =/

  2. Where is this located I bring my took and i hauling them for free and take them to recycling for many for more beers.

  3. what about the nats? i have had my times of leaving beers out and i know what will happen!!

  4. All that and only $800? Jeez. “This is what $800 looks like in beer can returns”

  5. ..what that an IRON I saw in one of those pictures…they cared about ironing???? With all the mess around someone said”you know, this place is a disaster area,but I WANT WRINKLE FREE CLOTHES”!!

  6. Somehow I doubt he was running those cans under the facet before throwing them to the ground. I gotta wonder at the size of the roach colony that was living there.

  7. Darn could have had a huge block party :)) on that note .5cents per can yea that would have made him gets more beers eh and a pizza

  8. As an experienced drunk i have a hard time believing this sent their is no boxes but at least they have good taste in beer

  9. Good thing that guy was drinking ‘LIGHT’ beer… at 24 a day he might otherwise have developed a beer gut…

  10. Aluminum is recycled by the pound, not the can.

    around 25¢ a pound I would guess these days. that would put it at 3200 pounds. ($800/.25¢= 3200lbs) Figure about 30 cans to a pound, give or take. that comes out to 96000 cans.

    oh well, close enough, I’m sure they haven’t actually counted those cans.

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