What To Look Forward to in Season Three Of Vikings

Vikings fans have waited long enough, but now, the Vikings, History Channel’s most popular series, has returned with another awesome season, created by Michael Hirst. Before your favourite characters, Ragnar, Lagertha and the rest of your favorite fighters continue their story, lets make a briefing of the spoilers of what we should look forward to this new season.

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1. Ragnar’s King – What will it happen?

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, the runner of the show explained what Ragnar  will be wearing the crown, and the further events are something so not sexy! Hirst stated that the new power in Ragnar ‘s hands will allow him to establish settlement in Wessex on the land of king Ecbert. He added that his actions are not the sexiest thing a lead character has ever done, but is something very real. Ragnar is not interested in pillaging but to settle a land for his people.

2. New Characters

Appart from the fact that fans will be reunited with their beloved characters, season 3 will introduce some new ones as well. Lagertha’s young and handsome son, Kalf, and the Earl will grow fond of. Kalf will prove to be ambitious and calculated, when his real plan will be revealed after Lagerta goes to raid.

Harbard, (Kevin Durand) a mysterious character will show up in Kattagat, after Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Helga (Maude Hirst) had a vision. The dreams they had, was clearly foreshadowing the arrival of this mystical character. During this season, fans will be given the chance to see the kind of powers this wanderer has and how his presence will affect the people in Kattagat, when he will appear in episode two of season 3.

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The actions of Harbard will certainly change the course of action for the other characters in that episode and he might leave a sort of a deep wound, a mark, and should be the one that has the greatest impact, and fans should be very attentive to episode 4.

Another new character, the Emperor Charles of France, played by Lothaire Bluteau, a powerful and complex man, who will not hesitate an instant to go head to head with the Vikings. Princess Gisla, his daughter will also be a new comer, and is described as a beautiful very courageous young woman.

3. A Wedding, A Baby & A Raid

In a video promo of Season 3, was hinted that Bjorn(Alexander Ludwig) will be asking the hand of Porunn,the slave girl transformed into shield maiden.But will she accept Bjorn’s proposal? During a press call, Ludwig teased a little about what is to happen.

During season 2 there have been a lot of things unsaid about their relationship which was supposed to be unsure. The uncertainty was caused by the chaotic plot of the last installment. Along season 3, fans will see that their connection will develop into something special, deep and loving, Ludwig explained.
To our delight, this was not everything that Ludwig divulged. He added, that Bjorn will be receiving incredible news that will imply advancement in his family. But eventually things will turn for the worst. The situation will be affected be a severe happening and in that moment it will be very clear how deep their relationship really is, as they will be facing a big obstacle. Seeing Bjorn and Porunn will show how far are they willing to go for one another, and will be something very interesting to watch.

4. The Attack On Paris

Hirsh has given enough details regarding the raid of the Vikings on Paris that will happen in season 3 and has been open about the GGI featured battle. The Vikings will be attacking the walls of Paris with ladders and hundreds of extras. People will be going up the ladders which will be set on fire, creating a serious blood bath.

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5. Love For Lagertha

Everybody is dying to know if Ragnar and Lagertha will one day get back together. But unfortunately, that possibility is not very obvious, at least not for the first three episodes of season 3. Viewers should prepare to see Lagertha kissing another bearded man in the new installment.

6. Bjorn vs. Ragnar

It has been previously mentioned that there will be a change in the father /son relationship between Bjorn and Ragnar, as the plot progresses. Alexander Ludwig was asked in a press call if he was expecting to see the two characters in a direct confrontation in the next season.
His answer was affirmative.

There has been an immense shift and fans will be given much more information this season that they were given in the second season. Bjorn has evolved a lot since the second season, and he will transform completely, as he is no longer a boy. His father will start asking for his help and his growth will be extremely visible. Ludwig added also some things about the season finale, which he described as completely insane and that he couldn’t wait to see the public’s reactions.

The third season of Vikings has premiered Thursday, on February 19 on the History Channel, at 10 p.m. EST.

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