Looking for different art? Helmut’s got it

How can you describe Helmut Smits work? A lot of people would say that it is weird but clever, and that is certainly true. He is a Dutch visual artist that has a creative mind, and that is what makes his projects different than of other artists. Here you can see some of his strange art; a blow up car, a TV shelf made out of books, a drummer set made out of cans, and more.

One of his art pieces can be used as a prank.   He puts small pieces of acrylic paint on a windshield, so when the windshield wipers are turned on they push around the pieces so that they leave a little rainbow on the window. He also made a printed t-shirt that says, “I love new work”. I would say that describes him because he is obviously hard-working and into new stuff.

Hopefully you don’t need to read one of those books, right?

Is this very cool, or very sadistic. I can’t decide.

Your guess is as good as mine.

The aforementioned windshield-rainbow trick.  Wonder if  he’s set up to do a double rainbow? (for the win?)

Parking all of the sudden got much easier?


Actually, sign me up for one of these.  This is pretty amazing, and when you don’t want it in your patio, yard, or driveway you can just drain the pieces, let the air out, and store them in the shed, right?

Talk about “upcycling”…

Nothing like spotting a rare flat animal in its unnatural habitat. If you’d like to see more art that is different, you should take a look at this “censored art”. So, now that you’ve made it to the end of this post, I’ve got one question for you. Do you think Helmut’s got it?


  1. Your comments are really stupid, a picdump of Helmut would have been more effective than your ignorant and off topic shit.

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