Lost: Creating The Perfect Team

What would happen if you were stuck on a “deserted”island with ten people from the cast of “Lost”. Who would you choose as a team to get you off the island before death came knocking? Think carefully about the traits that each person holds. Will it consist of Kate, the whining, but self serving vigilante? How about Rose? She is smart and caring. That could go a long way in a terrible situation. How about minor character Libby? She seems tough and understanding. Here is one scenario team that would get you out in a timely manner.

Main Team

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John Locke: Locke is a natural leader. A survivalist. Whether it be a gun or a knife, John practices his weapons training whenever he can. He is a strategist and masters maps and graphs. Although it seems like he doesn’t care, he does what’s best for his team at any cost. John also works well with a diversity of people. That matters in a time of crisis.


Sayid Jarrah: A former Iraqi National Guard, Sayid is a natural leader. As an experienced interrogator, he can tell when someone is lying. Sayid is fluid in hand-to-hand combat and an expert with weapons. His major leadership skill is his ability to work with wiring and electronics. You can leave Sayid in charge and know that things will work out well.

Miles Straume: Recruited by the team of scientists on the freighter “Kahana”, Miles is a smart tracker who knows his way around the island. He also speaks to and sees the dead. He also can predict things that are going on around him.

Charlie Pace: Charlie is a great addition to the main team. He is helpful around camp and will step up in time of need. He also knows when to lighten the mood with a quick joke or a song. That goes a long way in keeping your sanity. Charlie can also remember things by associating them with a song or humming.

Secondary Team

Lost: Creating The Perfect Team

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Rose Nadler: Rose is vital to the team for two reasons. She is a positive reinforcement for the entire team. Everyone likes Rose. The second is the fact that Rose keeps an eye on things and isn’t afraid to say if things aren’t going exactly as planned. She is a caretaker at heart and that’s important on the island. She can also help with fishing as her husband Bernard has taught her.

James “Sawyer” Ford: Sawyer is the most complex figure on the island. He is a tough and durable man, yet kind, generous, and willing to risk his life to save someone else. With many dangers on the island, He makes a great third man when things get heated. Sawyer can wield a gun and can fist fight if the need arises. He also is very protective of his friends.

Jack Shephard: The doctor is definitely needed, just not as a leader. He needs to stay healthy at all costs. He will keep the rest of the team in good health. Rose will be there to tell him not to do things he shouldn’t do, like putting himself in danger. If he gets hurt, the rest of the team hurts with him.

Sun-Hwa Kwon: Sun is very important to the team. She can garden to raise food, she is caring, and strong. She will not back down from a challenge and always supportive. Sun also has great relationship skills. She can get along with any of the team, even Sawyer and John.

Lost: Creating The Perfect Team, Rose and Bernard Nadler

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Bernard Nadler: Bernard and Rose are great together. He learned to fish from Jin, and can shoot a gun pretty good. He is a sensible guy, but is strong in his belief in certain ideas. Bernard can mesh well with the rest of the team without any trouble. Rose will keep him in line.

Jin-Soo Kwon: Rounding out the ten person team is the dependable warrior, Jin. Teaching Bernard to fish was a good move. They now have many was to obtain food. Sun and Jin are supportive of one another and will keep Rose and Bernard company as the resident couples on the island. Jin is a hard worker, he can erect tents and shelter and is a loyal part of the team.

So, there is the ideal team of ten to get you off the island. Would you have chosen differently?

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