Lost: Worst Characters in a Sea of Greatness

One of the greatest series in television history. Awards a plenty. How can a well written and well acted show like “lost” have bad characters? Well, they probably not bad in a sense that they are terrible, they are the most annoying of a good batch. Kind of like chocolate chip cookies. Some are nice and round, while others are broken and weird looking, but they all taste great. Some of these characters were better off being pulled through the engine like the guy on the first few minutes of crashing.

Lost: Worst Characters in a Sea of Greatness

1. Kate Austen – (Evangeline Lilly)

Originally to be the leader of the crash survivors, Kate was to be a middle-aged woman whose husband was in the bathroom at the tail of the plane when it crashed. Thankfully she wasn’t given the leader part. With her constant bawling and wanting to tag along, this character is always asking “why”. She would have been better suited as a secondary character who dies at the hands of The Others.

2. Danielle Rousseau – (Mira Furlan)

Lost: Worst Characters in a Sea of Greatness

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The first person to call the rogues “The Others”, she is known for capturing Sayid and being the mother of Alex. Rousseau isn’t even called by her name for a long time; she is simply known as “The French Woman”. It would have been nice for Rousseau to have stayed hidden for another sixteen years. Trigger happy rogue sometimes doesn’t make for an intriguing character when you look like a guy in a bad wig.

3. Susana Lloyd – (Tamara Taylor)

Michael’s girlfriend and Walt’s mother. She would be the worst character on the show if she was in a more prominent role. All she wanted was to keep Walt and Michael separated. She wanted a better life for Walt, yet moved him away from his dad and moved to Amsterdam. When she suffered a bit and then died was the light at the end of the tunnel. No more child pawn nonsense.

4. Anthony Cooper – (Kevin Tighe)

Lost: Worst Characters in a Sea of Greatness

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The father of John Locke. Deceived John into giving him a kidney and conned Sawyers parents that lead to their death. He then convinces John to con some guys out of the money Anthony owes them and sends John out of an eighth floor window, paralyzing him. Thankfully, John convinces Sawyer to choke Anthony to death with a chain to get his revenge.

5. Vincent -(Madison and Pono)

Yes. Vincent is the dog. The annoying dog that keeps running off, no matter who he is with. The same dog who looks different from one episode to another. There is no real reason for Vincent to be there. While good characters are being destroyed, Vincent lives on.

Outro: Asking For Forgiveness

“Lost” has won dozens of awards and the individual actors have won awards and well deserved praise. In no way is this a slight on the creation of one of the best television series in the history of programming. These four actors and one animal would be great together in a single series with just them, but in a room full of shining stars, it’s hard to shine the brightest.

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