Mad Pogo Stick Skills!

It doesn’t get much madder than this on a pogo stick. Mr. Curt Markwardt and Mr. Fred Grzybowski do extremely crazy things that I can’t come even remotely close to doing on a pogo stick in this awesome video filmed with a Canon 5D Mk3 in Brighton, England. Note the sign at the 1:31 mark that reads, “No Cycling and No Skateboarding.” The sign-makers weren’t able to anticipate that two crazy kids would one day get on pogo sticks and do amazing stunts. The song you hear playing in the background is “Astronaut” by Vincent Tone. It’s sick as well. I wish this sport was more mainstream so I could bet on on the outcome of a pogo stick skills event. Sports betting is very much my cup of green tea.

I still remember that night in Vegas 3 years ago. I lost about $2,000 at the blackjack table and was pretty bummed out. The following day I made some bets on Major League Baseball games and ended up making the $2,000 back and then some. I was so happy that I jumped on a pogo stick and began bouncing up a storm. No, I couldn’t come close to doing the unbelievable tricks that the pogo dudes are capable of doing, but I’d like to think that I held my own.

By Elroy Johnson

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