Make Your Own ‘Archer’-Themed Jack-O’-Lanterns

Well, the spooky annual holiday event that is Halloween has reared its monstrous head yet again, which means celebratory parents everywhere will soon be carving scary, demonic faces into their newly purchased pumpkins (unless they buy them pre-carved, lazy so-and-so’s). But hey, here’s a fun idea: instead of carving a ghastly and ghoulish monster onto the surface of your jack-o’-lantern, how about skilfully sculpting the handsome face of everyone’s favorite self-centered cartoon secret agent?

Yes, I’m talking about Sterling Archer, codename Duchess, from the rib-tickling FX spy satire “Archer.” And it’s not just Archer’s striking good looks you can carve into a pumpkin, as have provided stencils for shaping the faces of supporting characters Cheryl Tunt, Cyril Figgis, Lana Kane and Malory Archer too.

Below, you shall see images of the stencils and a couple of the finished products, and here you can download the stencils and read step-by-step instructions for creating an “Archer”-themed jack-o’-lantern all for yourself. So, happy Halloween and happy pumpkin carving from your pals at ThisBlogRules!


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