4 Male Celebrities with Body Flaws and Defects That Make Them More Interesting

You might think celebrities are perfect human beings, with no flaws (except maybe to their character, but let’s not unnecessarily extrapolate) and no defects, especially when some of them make the tops for their beauty, sexiness and desirability on a regular basis. But even celebrities are human, have hobbies, personal preferences, lifestyles and even birth defects, just like everybody else, so there shouldn’t be a surprise that some Hollywood stars roam around carrying some flaws they try to conceal from the scrutinizing eyes of the press. But today we will take a look over 4 male celebrities with body flaws and defects that make them more interesting and assure them we have nothing but respect for their careers and talents.

Mathew Perry wasn’t so good of a friend to his middle finger

mathew perry

While a child, Mathew Perry was involved in a tiny accident of getting his hand caught in the door and leaving behind as a heroic vestige the tip of his right hand’s middle finger. He grew up without this body part and he grew up to become one of TVs best and most beloved actors. The missing part of his body doesn’t stop him from waving friendly to his fans every time he gets the chance, but now, if you’re getting ready for a Friends rerun, look closely to Mathew’s hands and see if he managed to conceal it altogether in the show.

Denzel Washington and his broken pinky

denzel washington

Admit it, you never saw Oscar awarded Denzel Washington’s broken pinky in any of his movies. And if you did, kudos to you! The great actor never repaired his broken pinky – an unfortunate consequence of a childhood basketball accident and a medical mistake – but he doesn’t make many efforts in concealing it either. Although in movies it is less likely to spot the flaw, there have been many instances when Denzel was photographed with his right hand pinky bent a full 45 degrees outward.

Stephen Colbert

stephen colbert

Whoever is watching Comedy Central and is a huge fan of the Colbert Report show knows that Stephen has a very weird looking ear. Among the male celebrities with body flaws and defects we are gazing upon today, Stephen’s story involves more than a birth defect or a childhood accident, it involves a tumor that was removed when he was only 10 years old, leading to his ear misshape. We are glad that tumor is out and he doesn’t have any health consequences, as we are huge fans of the man.

Ashton Kutcher managing sexiness and syndactyly like a boss

ashton kutcher

If you don’t know what syndactyly is, let’s make it simple for you: it is a condition wherein two or more digits are fused together. Pretty much like in the ducks’ case, but we’re talking about humans here. One of these humans suffering from this condition (and you’d be surprised how widespread it is – the most common congenital malformation of the limbs, with an incidence of 1 in 2000-3000 live births) is hot actor Ashton Kutcher who didn’t opt for a simple medical intervention to correct the body flaw, as he doesn’t seem bothered by it at all. Well, when you’re perfect, a little defect doesn’t matter, does it?

There are plenty of male celebrities with body flaws and defects they try to hide, but there are also some who don’t make much fuss about them, as they know they compensate with their talent, charms and humor even. Some of other celeb figures got their defects removed (like Oprah surgically getting rid of her sixth toe), while others live happy, fulfilling lives and climbing the ladder of success with an extra toe or a missing small body part, which makes them actually more interesting.

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