Man and woman instructions

This is the main difference between a man and a women in the bathroom time.

Now you know why always man is waiting first outside.


  1. Not quite. Women tend to flush public toilets with their feet so as to avoid touching the handle.

  2. And you wonder why women always have to tell men to clean their hands after using the restroom.

  3. It’s the extra 10 minutes standing in front of the mirror applying and re-applying makeup while gossiping about each other that tends to really slow women down in the toilet…

  4. women also tend to hold in nervous gas while with men, therefore having to take extra time in the bathroom to evacuate it all. men on the other hand, will release the pressurized gas anywhere and everywhere without hesitation.

  5. I’d like to know ehere the womans underwear is? most women don’t keep them on!

  6. Maybe I’m not as sanitary as other women. I don’t do the toilet paper on the seat or the hover thing.

  7. I enjoy the art, but the concept is simply a stereotype. I haven’t found this to be true in reality. Much love.

  8. Funny, ha-ha… then you realize that it's not actually all that funny for the second guy who goes into that toilet and needs to sit down to use it and finds a puddle in front of the seat, beside the seat, on the seat, on the wall behind the seat, and other areas where men routinely feel the need to urinate when they use especially public bathrooms…

    Hell, if at all possible I try to use the ladies bathroom; at least there you have a chance of finding a floor without urine on it.

  9. There are plenty of men who hover if they really need a crap in a public toilet and many who will hold on till they get home.
    And I knew one guy who only ever crapped at home because he could then shower his arse with the shower head.

  10. I’m almost always done before my husband, unless there’s a queue. I want to know who these ‘most women’ are who flush with their feet – pretty impossible unless it’s a squat toilet, which is fair game. And I have no problem ‘evacuating gas’ in front of him either. I suppose I’m just not a walking stereotype. Shame.

  11. Men don't need to wash! Where I come from, they teach us not to piss on our hands in the first place!


  12. I might wipe the seat of a public can, but I don’t ‘cover’ or ‘hover’. I’ll wash after a dump and usually after a whiz… And I’m a guy.

  13. I always wondered why I see the occasional booger on the wall in a men’s bathroom. Sometimes even a wall littered with boogers. Whats up with you nasty freaks!!?

    And about men washing their hands, if you’re skilled enough, you can open your trousers to piss without even touching your pecker. Hence no need to wash your hands! Hahahahaha

  14. Also another thing. Being a guy that has to use urinals from time to time… Am I the only one who is paranoid that while using a urinal that dirty piss water from the urinal will splash up onto my wang? I always take a half a step backwards while using them so as not to get the nasty splash. Am I alone on this one? You could get herpes or hepatitis from the urinal!!

  15. Whoever said urine is sterile doesn’t understand that it is only sterile initially. After that, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. Good luck with that, guys. 🙂

  16. most man wash their ******, but others, just lazy. And this make the toilet dirty. Only one person is enough to stink the toilet. Imagine dozens.. Same in university.

  17. While it is a bit sexist it is more funny than anything, women do hover and wrap the seat I know I do and always wash and reapply lipstick afterwards, men you may not piss on you hands but tell me where has you d**k been, you know it tends to fall into holes on a regular lololol

  18. Only issue with urinals is the pool of piss under each one, I don’t mind slashing on my own shoes but I don’t appreciate standing in someone else’ whizz thanks.

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