Masculine sculptures made by using feminine techniques


This unusual artwork is made by talented artist Nathan Vincent. He uses techniques which are usually identified as feminine, such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, and applique to create objects which are typically identified with men ; a deer head trophy, beer bottles and guns.

Nathan said he gets inspiration from New York City sidewalks, bars, galleries and catwalks. He said he learn how to knit from a book at the age of 10. His artwork can be seen at exhibitions across United States. If you liked this you should check out how another artist is making face figures out of pile of clothes.

knitted-nail knited-mower knitted-guns knitted-gun knitted-deer knitted-tv knitted-boxing-glows knitted-beer-and-bottles knitted-bear animals-kinitted knitted-lion ciggar-knitted superman-knitted man-at-work-knitted knitted-007


  1. . To give you an idea of the variety of art you can see here, take a look at my picrtue gallery I made of last years Disney Festival of the Masters art show here. You’ll be impressed at

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