Mediterranean Sea Diet – a Famous Healthy Diet to Live Long and Better

Want to live a lot longer thanks to healthy diet? It is attractive to think that with plenty of omega-3s, him blueberries and kale we can eat our way there.

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A unique diet of the Mediterranean Sea health plan is followed on some islands in Greece or Italy and it focuses on olive oil, beans, vegetables, fruits, average quantities of liquor and low amounts of animal products.

But one of the main takeaways from this new guide on how to “eat and be like the best people” is that our longevity is not only about meals.

The individuals who reside in these islands or areas that researchers have recognized as having the highest populations of centenarians on the globe, move their bodies, and quite a lot. They build social sectors that strengthen healthy actions and they take the time to distress. They are part of their communities and often-spiritual ones, plus they are dedicated to the family.

However, what they put in the mouth, when and how much is worth a good look, too. Why should you pay attention to what these individuals in the relatively separated areas eat? Because the more traditional diets plans go back to a period before the people all over the world were overwhelmed with oily junk meals and sugar. These centenarians are mostly free of health problems like cardiovascular diseases, being overweight, cancer and diabetes. This is a clear sign that they are doing something right.

A lot of anthropologists, epidemiologists, demographers and other researchers traveled all over the globe to study areas with amazingly high rates of centenarians. These specialists questioned hundreds of individuals who have lived at least 100 years about how they resided, then perfumed plenty of number crunching in order to find out what all of them had in common.

In these new guides, the authors distill the researchers’ results on what all the centenarians share when it comes to their diet plan. Here is taste:

  • Give up eating more when the stomach is 70 percent full in order to avoid excess weight.
  • Eat the tiniest meal of the day in the late mid-day or evening.
  • Eat a lot of plants, mostly beans. And consume various meats hardly ever, in little portions. The centenarians eat meals this size only six times each month, on average.
  • Consume liquor reasonably and regularly, i.e. one glass a day.

The guide also presents in detail “top longevity food” from each of these areas, some of which the scientists have found out to be pretty fascinating.

As revealed before, wellness researchers have long recognized the Mediterranean Sea diet plan for being excellent to our brain and health and keeping serious illnesses at bay. What makes this food-consuming schedule of the individuals on such remote isles, so special?

What it sets it apart from the other locations in the continent was its focus on apples, goat’s milk products, natural sweets, beans (mostly black-eyed beans, garbanzo beans and lentils), wild veggies, a few species of fruits and relatively little amounts of fish.

On these wonderful isles in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, the rate of centenarian men to females is one to one. This is quite uncommon, because in the world, it is four women to every one man that lives this long.

The specialists describe their remarkable longevity with their resources like the “clean air,” “locally created alcohol” or because they “make love every week end.” But, when they went to dig further, they found out that pastoralism and shepherding animals from the hills to the flat lands, was mostly associated by the experts with attaining 100 years of age.

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