Meet the Minions

Did you see the minions in the cartoon film Despicable Me featuring Gru (who was voiced by Steve Carell)? Gru is a wretched despot who wants to shrink and get the moon so he can conquer the whole world and tailor it according to his twisted mind.

For the ones who still are not acquainted (so, the next question is where have you been all this time?) all minions are little, yellow-colored, cylindrical-formed characters in the films Despicable Me. The wide-eyed joy for life and unusual innocence is making them delightful figures for audiences. The calculated number of minions operating for their wicked master Gru is at 899, but there are only a few of them who regularly get immediate commands from him.

They all used over-sized glasses to protect their eye(s). Most of them had two eyes, however a few of the characters were short-changed and has just one eye.

At the end of the film, Gru was has changed into a better person, and viewers had become infatuated with his unusual but lovely dedicated employees known as minions.

A few years later, a follow up was launched, Despicable Me 2, with the funny, naïve, naughty minions and the movies earned over twice as the first one. With revenues like these, it was expected that another cartoon Minions was going to be produced. And you were correct, since this third film, a prequel, was released and features three of the fans preferred naughty minions – Kevin, the team’s leader; Stuart, the youngster and little Bob.

They talk to each other using some unusual words – combination of English and a few other ‘languages’ with a change of some characters and modified significance. A little bit insane and some kind of uncomfortable during their actions, they won the minds and hearts of the viewers with their cuteness. Every one knows them and thanks to the great advancement of technology, they are now everywhere – begins with toys and gaming activities, balloons, sticks, bonbons and sweets and goes to home goods and fashion. They assaulted the Internet with fan creations like an incredible number of gags, hilarious quotes, memes or even their own parodies. Social networking is full with their images and everybody enjoys and has a good laugh when seeing them.

Beginning as single-celled yellow-colored creatures, Minions develop through their age groups, constantly working for despicable masters. Consistently failing at keeping these masters alive and well —from ancient T. rex to General Napoleon — these Minions end up without someone to work for and go into a dark depressive state. But one Minion known as Kevin has a strategy, and he – alongside young companion Stuart and delightful little Bob – venture out into the large world to discover a new despicable master for his people to serve too. The group of three embarks upon a fantastic trip that eventually brings them to their next prospective boss, Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first-ever woman super-villain. They go from freezing Antarctica to Sixties New York, via our mod London, where the team must complete their greatest task to date: preventing all of Minionkind from being destroyed.


Stuart minions (Copy)


Similar to Dave thanks to combed hair combed locks, Stuart has just one eye. He also seems to be smaller than other minions are (or it is the fact that he is chubbier?). Stuart was not presented a lot in the initial Despicable Me, but in the second film, he attracts quite a lot of interest when he is dressed as a woman.


Phil (Copy)

He is a lovely minion with a nice and caring soul. When the group of three was not able to find Agnes her new toy, he created one for the girl instead. Whether an expert of undercovering or just really likes to dress funny, he was wearing a complete house cleaner attire in the second film. As if his regular cover was not enough, Phil had only one eye in the initial film, but two eyes in the second one.


Carl (Copy)

This is a one-eye character who really enjoys to make sounds. When Gru’s workplace was on fire, Carl was the one who made the effort to act like a fire alarm. He is also the model of artwork to mark the release of Despicable Me 2 around the world.


Tim (Copy)

The head of a trio formed by Mark, Phil and himself, he was the minion dad when they looked for Agnes’ unicorn. He is quickly recognizable with his thin figure and tall body (the long and spiky hair is included in his height!).


Kevin (Copy)

He is another one-eyed character, just like Phil and Stuart. He was unintentionally shrunk with a special ray in the original film. In the second film, there is another figure known as Kevin, this time being a character with two eyes and taller. It is still controversial whether it is the same minion.


Jorge (Copy)

Despite being the chubbiest minion of all, Jorge is extremely pleased with his physique. Maybe this is why he does not care when creating duplicates of his buttocks.


Dave (Copy)

The main trait that he has is maybe represented by his short and combed hair. While all other minions generally have a spiky hair, his hair is nicely separated in the center and combed to the sides as the 90’s nerds.

Viewers will easily keep in their mind the two-eyed character from the original Despicable Me when master Gru was informing the minions of the next major strategy. When the minions pulled out their weaponry, Dave continued to get himself a rocket launcher.


Jerry (Copy)

It is not obvious, but it looks as if there are two Jerries in the movies. Even if both of the characters have two eyes and a spiky hairstyle, the one shown in the second film is smaller and rounder. Oh well, maybe he has eaten too many bananas.

Some of the spectators will remember him as being Stuart’s best friend and went him to look after the kids when their master Gru was occupied with his plan during the first film.

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