Michael Jordan VS Bill Gates – infographic

This infographic is different than others you are used to seeing, but still it’s full of interesting facts.

Source: This Blog Rules


  1. Heck yeah man, don’t even throw out the Bill Gates’ stats. You can’t compare his stats to Michael J. This was a real good infograph, nonetheless.

  2. Extreme wealth or extreme poverty brings out the socialist in everyone. Both men are obscenely wealthy, but fortunately are both very intelligent and generous.

  3. That penny be true… That would mean he makes 6.5 billion dollars a year. So in 450 years he won’t have as much money as Bill Gates? Ok…

  4. I read that entire infographic expecting it to end with a comment about MJ’s Hitler mustache.

  5. And this is why our society is so fucked up: because we let people become this obscenely rich.

    No wonder we’re in a recession with rampant unemployment, and every common citizen is dirt poor. Most of the money is going to rich bastards like these! The rich tycoons running major corporations are swindling money from everyone else.

    Free market capitalism will be the downfall of modern western society, if we don’t find an alternative economic system FAST!

  6. @oye mijo

    Bill Gates net worth according to Wikipedia is 54 billion.
    $40,000,000 x 450 = $18,000,000,000
    $54,000,000,000 / 450 = $120,000,000

  7. both have enough money to feed generations of their own.
    considering this id rather be michael jordan. He has the looks and the health of an athlete and he will certainly live longer than bill. you can’t buy this with money fools.
    penis comparison becomes ridicolous these days

  8. Michael Jordan got paid to play a game.
    Bill Gates still can’t make a bloody Windows incapable of blue screening.

  9. Truthfully,
    I wouldn’t mind being in Michael Jordan’s position either… Heck. I wouldn’t mind having 1/4 of what Michael Jordan has…

  10. nerds do the math again,, you are saying bill gates has more than 300 billion dollars when in reality the richest man on this fuckin earth has 78 billion, if for the next 450 years jordan didnt use anymoney he would have around 300 billion,,,,
    you have just been ASIANED

  11. @dumbass – $30 billion, not $300 billion

    $178,000 a day x 365 days in a year = $64,970,000 per year

    $64,970,000 per year x 450 years = $29,236,500,000

    $29,236,500,000 + $40 million he started with = $29,276,500,000

    Math. How does it work?

  12. With a basketball career full of weak matchups in the vein of Craig Ehlo, John Starks, Bryon Russell, and Danny Ainge…I have to rank Michael jordan way behind Kobe…Any opinions in regards to this particular subject?

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