Microsoft Users will Make their Windows 10 Upgrade for Free

Microsoft came out with its new Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade earlier this week, in what the organization hopes that it will be a critical moment to restore its position in a globe where the desktop is no longer above all.

The first individuals to get the new OS included a few million technical enthusiasts who previously registered in an early review program. Microsoft is relying on tens or even millions more to obtain its latest launch for 100 % free download in the next months.

The others will receive the application when they get a new computer. While a part of the new models prepared with Microsoft Windows 10 are offered in shops these days, more will arrive on the market this autumn. Microsoft and important PC creators are planning an international ad strategy that will be extended into the holiday shopping period.

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Even if Microsoft Windows 10 is arriving to tablets and PCs first, it is also developed to run on phones, gaming consoles or even holographic headphones. It has some brand new functions, a structured Web browser named Edge and its desktop edition of Cortana, the virtual assistant that represents Windows’ answer to Apple’s Siri or Google Now.

Still, the organization says that Microsoft Windows 10 will look very familiar to customers using Windows 7, the classic OS still operating on the majority of the PCs. Microsoft, along with PC producers want to leave behind the memories of the previous major update, 2012’s Microsoft Windows 8, a step that has alienated a lot of clients with a jarring and heavy design.

The company skipped version number 9, as if it was trying move away even further from its last launch. While many experts believe that Microsoft Windows 8 led dropping PC revenue even deeper, it is still unknown if Windows 10 will encourage the market back to development.

Microsoft wanted to have promotional events in several places in the past days, tied to an international advertising strategy and a number of charitable contributions. Moreover, to the many associates, anyone with who owned the Home and Pro editions of Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 and not its Enterprise editions used by major organizations – will be capable to download the new Windows 10 for free, whenever they want over the upcoming launch.

It is not specified how many individuals will obtain it during the first days, Microsoft stated that it will deliver downloading in waves, to make sure that all things go well, but it has not told us how long this will take. Information on how to update will be offered in the next days.

Suppliers from all over the world should have own desktop computers and laptops running on with Microsoft Windows 10 that have been already installed. They are also be capable to upgrade the program on the new computers transported with the latest edition of Microsoft Windows.

The organization wants to offer the new OS on as many gadgets as possible. The company thinks that a huge number of customers will help persuade independent programmers that it is worth a chance to build practical or interesting apps for Windows 10 gadgets. Professionals also think that, if individuals are exposed to this latest and improved Windows 10, they are more prone to try also the other Microsoft items on PCs and smart phones.

The company’s officials says that they want to have around 1 billion gadgets operating Microsoft Windows 10 in less than 3 years. Microsoft reports there are 1.5 billion individuals who now use some type of Microsoft Windows OS. Rather than asking them to update, as the organization used to proceed, it is adopting the 100 % free model developed by Apple or Google.

Microsoft will still have licensing charges from PC creators that install Microsoft Windows 10 on their devices. Recently, most customers have patiently waited until buying a new computer to obtain their latest Windows OS. Microsoft also gets money from promoting Microsoft Windows and other application to huge businesses and organizations.

In inclusion, Microsoft is relying on its Windows 10 to encourage a larger use of the other services. The company makes big bucks from ads for its Bing engine and it also gathers fees from individuals who want premium editions of all Office applications, OneDrive storage or Skype.

Microsoft says that Windows 10 is developed for the way we use computer systems today – with quicker web browsers and functions that help us to start tasks on our PC and then move onto various hand-held devices, while Apple and Google promote similar functions in their application.

Windows 10 will also allow customers to log in using their face, eyes or fingerprint, instead of saving passwords, even if this functions only with systems prepared with the correct components.

Most PC customers are still using the older Windows 7, due to Microsoft Windows 8’s extreme unpopularity. But the company planned to phase out general maintenance and security service for Microsoft 7 until 2020, while for Microsoft Windows 8 until 2023, as they did with the mature Windows XP. So, there is no need to get anxious about improving right now.

The development in smart phones has made PC revenue to decline for over 3 years, harming important manufacturers and organizations whose items are installed on PCs. Windows 10 will not get individuals to throw all hand-held devices, but it is an aspect of the company’s plan to reposition Microsoft on a globe where customers use multiple gadgets. Simultaneously, PC creators are hoping that it will help increase the interest for their items, since some Microsoft Windows 10 functions are developed to work ideally on the latest components advances.

The officials said that the new OS is simpler to use than the previous Microsoft Windows 8 and will match the latest devices. They added that are not expecting a huge rush to shops, but over time, we will see a growing trend in revenue. Overall, Microsoft has changed tremendously its approach towards its users and the price of its products, especially for the consumers from the poorer countries who cannot afford expensive software. With the increasing competition from Google and Apple, the new strategy will bring come of the clients that left the company in the past.

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