Mini-Worlds In Jars

So, you’ve seen lots and lots of incredible miniature art over the years, but I highly doubt you’ve ever seen miniature art going to this extreme! The contents of the little containers depicted above and below are so petite you need a magnifying glass to actually see what objects they are supposed to be. And prepare to be amazed once you take a magnified peek because every little jar has a tiny world of brilliance sitting inside. One world shows a couple kissing under a tree, another shows a turtle on an island, and a third shows a golf course with one itsy-bitsy golfer playing a round; maybe he’s a Lilliputian.

These jars are the incredible work of Japanese architect Akinobu. His wonderful designs are so tiny it’s unbelievable. One would imagine he uses tweezers to fit the materials inside, but how does he shape and so intricately design the palm trees and the people? That’s definitely a mystery.

I'd like to be in an octopuses' garden in a jar.

I think I see Ben Stiller in that bottle over there. Sigh, do we REALLY need yet another Night at the Museum film?

These little bottles would work perfectly as a cute and thoughtful gift to friends or loved ones, but unfortunately they are not for sale. Not yet anyway. Five to ten years from now, perhaps the artist will put them on sale, but there’s no word yet on whether or not he would do that. Speaking of small things, check out these finger monkeys.

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