Minimalist movie posters – less is more

Worth1000 recently had a design contest to showcase the best minimalist movie posters. Submissions included famous movies such as Terminator, Titanic and Hairspray.

The entries are beautifully designed with minimalistic and abstract shapes, showing how less can be more. This style gives the posters a tasteful and modern appearance. Who knows, maybe this kind of movie poster design will be a trend in the future?

One could even argue that the design of some of these posters is superior to the original.  Could these truly be a future trend in the entertainment world? Well, everyone thought Dippin’ Dots “trend of the future” ice cream was going to catch on, but it never did. But I have a hunch that, as more and more artists emulate the Apple approach to minimalism in advertising, this poster style will be adopted more and eventually permeate through all of Hollywood and perhaps Bollywood.

Do you think some of these posters are better than the original? If movie studios get wind of how popular these posters are, we could effect real change in the entertainment industry.  The kind of change money can’t buy.  The kind of change that can only be brought about by mobilizing the masses toward a singular goal: the revolution of movie poster art everywhere.

Just some food for thought. Check out this 2 minutes-video which features 35 movies in a similar minimalistic way.


  1. I don’t think this is a trend in movie posters, especially in the mainstream ones.

    The reason some of us love these posters is that they resonate more with people who already watched the movie and know all about it. I find these really slick because I get the message they are broadcasting.
    So for advertisement people, these won’t fly as it requires from the viewer some previous knowledge of the movie.

  2. Miguel is right. Still, artistically very cool, and I think this kind of idea would be fantastic for a sequel.

  3. Most of these posters are far superior to the originals! open space catches the eye and simple is more memorable than complex. Artful. Pop art, true, but certainly art.

  4. While I like the artistic direction, I think the reason that these resonate with us is that we are already familiar with the films. Were I to be introducing a film, I wouldn’t go the minimalist route…these posters are not compelling enough to send us to the theatres but, rather, are interesting reminders of what we saw.

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