Modern robotic art made out of recycled electronic materials

robotic-artAndrea Petrachi a.k.a. Himatic creates his robotic sculptures from things most of people simply throw away. Himatic see his work as a symbol of our out-of-control desire to buy things. At the same time, his work raise issues about the human desire to challenge nature through technology.

He gives his art works some very interesting names, some of them are radiophone, buzzbox, stickyphille and octophille . The well known modern Italian sculptor, answered a few questions exclusively for This Blog Rules readers.

When did you make your first sculpture, was it spontaneous?

When I was a child I used to disassemble my toys and re-assemble them in such a grotesque way. I think i did my first one at 11.

You have some very cool names for your art works, was that your creation too?

Is difficult to describe how I choose the names because very seldom it is a rational process, sometimes are part of the original object name, I”m also ispired by literature, music and movies.

How do you find material for you sculptures?

Waste are everywhere. I find material on the streets, in junkyard, friends houses and flea markets. I use only broken and obsolete object.

robotic-art-sticky robotic-art-slimchemist robotic-art-rubber-duck robotic-art-robotphone robotic-art-robo-baby robotic-art-konus robotic-art-hand robotic-art-christiania robotic-art-buzzbox

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