10 Moments in a Cat’s Christmas Holiday You Shold Be Ready For

Now every year it is the same thing for us when we’re getting ready to welcome the Christmas holidays’ spirit: we like to have our family and friends around, to get our loved ones nice, meaningful gifts, to cook the best dishes possible, to enjoy a few days off and relax after a year’s hard work. Together with us, our pets get some special treatment too. Except for cats. There are some moments in a cat’s Christmas Holiday that really questions both our mental sanity and theirs.

Why do we say that? Well, because we also developed a less “traditional” fashion, that of decorating not only the trees, the house, the office and practically everything that is suitable to bear some Christmas lights and some decorations on, but it seems we have an almost sadistic pleasure of tormenting our pets during the holidays, the complaints that Grumpy Cat has made its voice heard in all corners of the Internet, and it usually doesn’t say pretty things (but on the contrary, quite offensive). We’re not sure people truly understand the cats’ displeasure with their owners’ fascination to ridicule them and force their hand to seek vengeance and use curse words after, but to show our appreciation towards these very smart pets, we will present you with ten moments in a cat’s Christmas holiday that should make you think twice before pulling some prank on them.

In the words of memorable Ed Stark…

the cats are coming

First of all…

They don’t seem too happy with us playing too many Christmas songs too loud. Or they just hate Christmas altogether. Grumpy may have more details for you in this regard



It’s a tradition in all houses to welcome the holidays in a clean body, with a clean spirit. But let’s face it, some cats really hate you for even thinking to give them a necessary bath, especially during these awful times, when they are stressed enough already.

grinch cat

But you ain’t seen nothing yet, as they know what’s coming, and you should too

You have to admit the cats have a point. Every year is the same and every year you don’t learn anything and you keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

cat costume

And yet, they are kind creatures who will not ruin your holidays until you push them to. So another warning is always issued before they really get into action…

Lesson to be learned

gay apparel

Still not getting it? Then it’s time for some serious, hard-way lessons. And a come back that you should have been aware of!

That’s it! You’re getting punished!

tree ornaments

But wait, human, because they know how to get away with it!

Don’t for a second believe their desperate cries for help when you catch them red handed…

cat in the tree

Of course the little one is sorry and of course it ended up there by a complete unimaginable awful accident that even Newton or Einstein couldn’t explain. Of course.

Just take a look around the corner after you forgave it for trashing the tree

blame the doggies

See what it did there?

Trust us when they say this to you, all cats think in the same way…

blame the dog

There’s only one way to punish them for what they did to your Christmas tree and house in general…

Let them outside the house!

cat in the snow

Yeah, the problem is that some of them seem to like it enough to mistake it for some mood enhancer that will actually make them more… flexible to the Christmas spirit and more willing to give you a chance and not ruin it completely for you…

And they actually might consider make you a nice surprise

joy to the world

But there are moments in a cat’s Christmas holiday…

when all it needs are some moments of peace and quiet. And admit it, after all these emotions you’ve been through, you kinda need the same thing…

silent night

Now we hope you understood a few things about how you should spend the season together with your cat so you could avoid some of the worst moments in a cat’s Christmas holiday and in yours too.

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