Monica Geller’s Best Moments

Friends has been a life-changing series that has brought joy to so many of our hearts and when one of the cast members birthday comes up, celebrations are in order. Courteney Cox was born on the 15th of June and in honor of her monumental role in “Friends” we thought we would share with you some of her best moments on the show:

That awesome fight she and Ross had, where all the brotherly secrets were spilled like milk from the carton:

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Teaching us to drink like men while handling it with grace and dignity. Like women.:

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Monica knows very well that everything is supposed to be very well planned. Dinner parties, cleaning and life in general. More importantly, fun should also be planned. It starts in fifteen minutes.

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Another thing Monica has taught us is that proposing is strictly a man’s business. Granted they also burst into tears and it’s sometimes weird, but in spite of her absolutely wonderful proposal to Chandler, he did, in fact, end up proposing to her. Or is it that they proposed to each other? Either way, this was one of the most touching moments throughout the series.

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We all remember fat Monica, who was a gift in herself, but Monica does make an absolutely HOT woman, wouldn’t you all agree?


Love is something very important and Monica knows it very well- her relationship with Chandler was sweet and unique, even if at times weird. And Monica did know exactly how important Chandler was to her:


Not to mention the very weird faces they make together.


Or how they forgive each other even when one of them (Monica) buys something ridiculously expensive (boots) that cannot be used or brought back.


There are no words that can describe the way she tried to cheer up chandler by wearing a whole turkey on her head. Except for weird. Or crazy. Or crazy-weird.


Control freak Monica is also something out of this world. No one should dare move furniture around (not to mention question her cooking abilities). And not be sleepy. Being sleepy is important.


Competitive as it gets, Monica rarely misses out on an opportunity to win over anyone, especially if it’s winning over a man.


Who said that only African American women can have Afros? Monica wears it with grace, elegance, style and… well to be honest she looks totally ridiculous but we still love her for it.

7.1 7.2

Speaking of fat Monica, doesn’t she simply look fabulous? And with the camera adding 10 pounds, Chandler was on to something when he asked how many cameras were actually on her.


What is remarkable, however, is how even the mighty Monica is subdued by Phoebe as if she were 6. Yay Phoebe!

7.5 7.4

Dancing has apparently never been her strong point and when she decided to channel her inner…Chandler, she gave us a moment that will be hard to forget.

7.6 7.7

Stealth-mode Monica is also interesting- and annoying at the same time. Who could not love a character that can awaken every type of feeling in viewers?

8.2 8.1

Finally a reason why fat Monica existed in the first place! According to her, she used to play a game when she was growing up- by putting in money in a machine and winning a candy bar or other types of snacks. And she won every single time!


But there is nothing as crazy and ridiculous as Monica losing it!


That and when she decided that seducing Chandler could be done with knives and carrots. She had it all figured out!


Whatever the case, we absolutely love Monica and wish her the happiest of birthdays.

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