4 Morbidly Fascinating True Crime Documentaries

The human mind is eternally fascinating. Every person on this world wants to know what the others are thinking about them, or about life. They want to know what their buddy is doing when nobody is watching, and let’s face it, they want to know more about what goes on in the dark underbelly of society. Criminal minds have fascinated humanity for centuries. Some criminals are so perfect that you never even realize what they are doing (heck, it could be your next-door neighbor and you might never find out).

We can definitely say that most master-minds are affected by criminality. They do not share the same emotions that regular people do, yet they manage to hide their true intentions.  If you ever find yourself in a situation with these people don’t wait to find a criminal lawyer.  The longer you take, the worse your situation will become.  With the following 4 documentaries you will be able to dive into the morbidly fascinating true crime world.

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Disclaimer: Some videos linked below are extremely brutal and graphic.

1. Just Melvin: Just Evil

This movie is incredibly difficult to watch. It re-tells the cruel story of a family that tries to come to terms with the legacy left by their patriarch, a pedophile (and murderer), Melvin Just. Each generation struggles with abuse and the total abandonment of maternal figures. There is one case when an oblivious mother says that a mentally ill daughter is suffering for attention. It is a proven fact that the things we experience in our childhood, we reflect to future generations without realizing it. Therefore, family members that were affected by the abuse, will pass on the same thing to their children in a eerily calm manner. The final effect will send chills down your spine.

Video: Just Melvin: Just Evil

2. The Cheshire Murders

This documentary will have you at the edge of your seat during its entire duration. It tackles the subject of a horrific outbreak of violence in Cheshire, Connecticut, and its aftermath. A family is targeted by two crooks. They do not find as much money as they wanted so they take the mother to the bank to withdraw 15.000 dollars. The family thought that this would be enough to save them, but the situation soon escalates to torture, rape, and finally, murder.

One survivor is left. Unlike other documentaries on the list, this one is done with considerable compassion. It presents the struggle of the community to help the family (or what is left of it), find closure. What makes this documentary particularly unsettling is the probability of the case happening anywhere.

Video: The Cheshire Murders

3. There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

Another morbidly fascinating true crime documentary that you might not want to watch with your family is ‘There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane’. This one is a real eye-opener which shows the extent of our inability to understand and deal with tragedy. A suburban mom is implicated in a head-on collision where she dies, and takes four children with her (+3 adults from the other vehicle).

The toxicity report proves that she was driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, but her family refuses to believe it to this day. They fight to clear her name, and the fight continues to this day.

Video: There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

4. The House of Suh

The last mention on our list of morbidly fascinating true crime documentaries is the award-winning, House of Suh, which inspires a lot of compassion. A second-generation Korean-American Andrew Suh (charismatic high-school athlete) migrates to America with his family to start a better life. Her sister, a rebellious lady, is not accepted by the family but turns out to be a successful business owner.

In the end she becomes Andrew’s guardian. Their mother dies from a tragic accident (an attack on the store owned by them). Catherine, the sister, convinces Andrews that it is all a conspiracy theory and their theory leads to a second homicide orchestrated by Catherine and carried out by Andrew. Andrew was convicted for his crime (with a life-sentence). The Documentary debates whether he is a result of a dysfunctional family, or if he had the blood of a killer all along.

Video: The House of Suh

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