Mosquitos attacking city billboards


In warm summer nights mosquitos are hated and highly annoying, especially at night when they get attracted by the lights inside and around apartments. Well, that is exactly what happened on these billboards, except that these mosquitos are fake.

Yet they look real with all the blood that indicates that they crashed hard into the lightning glass of the billboards. The artistic twist about it is that the blood and the black crushed “mosquito bodies” are in such a harsh contrast to the smooth faces on the advertisement boards.

Some of them are the faces of famous actors like Nicole Kidman and Eva Longoria. Gustavo Sanabria was one of the first bystanders to witness these billboards and photograph them.

More weird ads are these 10 controversial billboards in the USA.

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  1. Mosquitos don’t do that, it says there that they’re fake… Art still confuses me, who decided that this is cool? =/

  2. I loved this bug ad. Great illusionist campaign. This what I would call “interaction with costumers”.

  3. LOL, cue the mosquito sterios:Two years ago, I moved house (in the middle of a very hot summer!)and my new bedroom had no bug screen netting over the windows like pretty much every house in Australia does. The house had a pond in the backyard (breeding ground for mozzies) and just next to my window was this amazing mini jungle of tropical bushes and trees. It was boiling and I chose to leave my window open all night. I woke up at 5am the next morning to THIRTY TWO mosquito bites. 10 on each leg and 6 on each arm.Be glad you didn’t get three times as many as you have. I definately feel your pain. It really sucks. Hope they lose their itch soon!

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