The Most Awesome Sculptures Seen in Modern Cities

Some of the most awesome sculptures are found in the form of typical monuments and statues that are shown in community recreational areas and other locations of interest. These are, in most situations, just well known characters and other traditionally important people. We say “in most cases” since there are other uncommon sculptures on the globe, work art that is so innovative and exclusive, that you could not believe they were there until you have visited these original expressions of the complex human mind.

While you probably have seen quite a few of the world-famous works of art by Bernini, Rodin or Michelangelo, we provide you a choice of some less known, but definitely rather popular sculptures that you should find out about them.

Funny and lovely, unusual and frightening, the sculptures will all surprise you with their elegance and originality. These innovative artists have taken regular things and converted them into large emotional pieces of modern art.

Non-Violence – Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd/New York

awesome sculptures non-violence

The large revolver Colt Python .357 Magnum has a twisted gun barrel which is intended to present world peace. The sculptor from Sweden has designed 16 of the Non-Violence items of art and they are on show around the globe, in Germany, France, Sweden or China, to name just a few. This statue is near the UN main building in New York. He designed these sculptures after the death of John Lennon in 1980, murdered by an angry fan.

People of the River – Chong Fah Cheong/Singapore


Named as one of the most innovative sculptures in the world, the statues basically look as if kids are going into the water. Chong Fah Cheong declares of his amazing performance that his participation in such innovative art activities, in particular, human statue, is a result of his mind-set. It is an attention, a serious look over our lifestyle, made up of unlimited factors and opportunities.

Thing’s End – Wayne Carl/Toronto, Canada


This 1,400 lb representation of a blue rubber band entanglement stands tall over the visitors who are going into or leaving Toronto. The simple rubber band model is stretched on the sidewalk, making the passerby to stop and admire its modern design, perhaps telling them to have fun with the simple excitements in life.

Conflicting Evidence – Dhara Rivera/San Juan, CA


This set up of several life-size sofas is located in the Sculpture Park area at the Museum and Art Gallery in Puerto Rico. The innovative artist says the work of art is created by positioning next to each other pieces of different materials. However, here is just a bunch of seemly comfortable sofas that are made of stone.

Looking for Paradise – Jan Fabre/France


This statue of a man riding a massive, fantastic armored turtle will make you think about a lot of things. Like, wherever did the creator, Jan Fabre, get his idea for this piece of art? In addition, why it is a turtle and not something else? If you were looking for Paradise, could you pick a quicker conveyance? A few people with imagination believe that the human in the sculpture is actually a self-portrait made by the artist. If there is a strong significance behind this statue, then many unfortunately did not understand its true meaning, but we all really like it in the same way.

Bronze Breasts – Unknown artist/Latvia


Another unidentified piece of art showed up in 1983 in the middle of the city’s recreation area. Installed right onto the cobblestone alley was a couple of bronze breasts, one of them being caressed by a hand. Its place just outside one of the more conservative areas in the city and the oldest cathedral in the region, brought up arguments against its installment from others who live nearby. The sculpture was taken out, only to be put back on the same alley a few years later.

Several other such works of art considered to be by the same unidentified creator have appeared around the town in later years. Some think they were all designed by Havas, a Dutch healthcare professional and steel specialist whose known sculptures are quite similar to those of the unidentified statues and who has lived near several of the statues.

Quo Vadis – David ?erný/ Prague, Czech Republic


In honor of over 5000 Eastern German people who placed themselves on that backyard while looking forward to political asylum and the possibility to go back to Germany and their native birthplaces. David ?erný used a Trabant car made from bronze (a common car at the time, that many people from the respective region were compelled to leave behind them) put on massive legs for this specific sculpture. Situated near the German Embassy, you will have to visit it there by going through the massive garden gateways of a children’s play area to see this uncommon piece of art.

Leidseplein Lizards – Hendes van Houwelingen/Holland


If reptiles make you feel very uncomfortable, you may want avoid visiting the Leidseplein city square at the center of Amsterdam’s shopping and entertaining area. Here, 40 over-sized metal lizards created by the Dutch sculptor Hendes van Houwelingen are spread over the gardens and vertical surfaces like something out of a scary movie. Each creature is original and worth visiting if you are near that park.

Corridor Pin – Claes Oldernburg/San Francisco


The tremendous stainless steel and iron pin is a sculpture in the dedicated landscapes of De Younger Museum located in California. Its sides are situated in a rather difficult position, the giant safety pin being 250 times bigger than a regular pin, seeming to be anything other than “safe.”

The Violinist – Unknown author/Norway


In 1990, guests to the opera have been taken aback by the unusual appearance of a bronze violinist emerging up through the stone ground while playing the instrument. This second unclaimed statue graces the entry of one of the historical buildings in Sydney, as well as its Town Area, even if city authorities still stated they do not know the artist’s name.

Life Underground – Tom Otterness /New York


This sculpture is similar to a face crafted from an old model of telephone and is one of the elements of a series of community works of art requested for the New York Subway, known as Life Underground. The selection includes unique brown sculptures, which according to the specialists indicate the impracticality of knowing how the hectic lifestyle in New York is beneficial to its residents. The artist got taken away by the original venture and designed over 100 items, more than 4 times that the amount requested by the authorities.

Giant Matchstick – Manny Castro- Los Angeles

giant matches

This large matchstick is one main element of an art installation based on guerrilla advertising strategy from the famous dating app Tinder. Last year, hand crafted, massive matchsticks, showed up all around Los Angeles, printed with #moments. The unexpected overall look of these things was a secret to the citizens until the last moment when a hue matchbox with the Tinder logo incrusted on it was presented to the public at Venice Beach.

Jumbo Shoes – Boston


The large shoes representation was seen at a short-term road art show known as Activities at Bartlett Garden. The whole area had to be taken down for a total redevelopment, so, while looking forward to its devastation, the artist made the place to came into existence with creativeness, thanks to the organizers. These shoes were made from several tire parts, fire hoses and pieces of rug. The meaning of the giant footwear after the Boston Marathon bombings was extremely popular in the city affected by the tragic events.

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