10 Of The Most Beautiful Horse Breeds On Earth

Horses, are among the most beautiful and most beloved animals on the planet. There is something about their beauty that is breath taking and mysterious at the same time.

Humans have domesticated horses for thousands of years, and today we have managed to take part in the development of some astonishing breeds. Here is a list of 10 of the most beautiful horse breeds on Earth.

# 10.  Dalmatian Horse


The Dalmatian horse also known as the British Spotted pony, is a very rare breed with under 200 horses being born in the UK every year. For many years it has been believed that this was a newly developed breed of horse, but presently it is assumed that these beautiful creatures have been around for most probably up to 25,000 years.

# 9. Mustang Horse


The Mustang is a wild horse living in the west of North America, and it is a descendant of the horses that were first brought on the American continent by the Spanish people. Mustangs are also called wild horses, but that matter remains debatable. Since they have developed from horses that were once domesticated, they can be referred to as feral horses.

# 8. Marwari Horse


The Marwari is a breed that is known for its guts, and is another rare breed of horses coming from India. Its is also famous for its ear tips that turn towards the inner part. This breed comes in many colors, however the most common of all tend to be the most searched among buyers and breeders.

 # 7.Friesian Horse

The Friesian originates from the Netherlands, more precisely from the region of Friesland. For their size, these horses are very agile and graceful. In the Middle Ages, the Friesian horses were in high demand, as they were used as war horses on the European continent. Thanks to their size and strength, during the Middle Ages, this breed could carry a knight in his armor.

# 6. Haflinger Horse


The Haflinger, with its other known name, the Avelignese, is a horse breed that has been grown in the north of Italy and Austria. A Haflinger horse is quite small in size, their color is always chestnut, and have a special gallop which has been described as full of energy but smooth at the same time, and their muscles are well defined but elegantly.

# 5. Andalusian Horse

This is called the Pure Spanish Horse, and is a breed coming from the Iberian Peninsula. The Andalusian horse, has been known for its existence since the 15th century. Along the history, this horse breed has been used as a war animal, due to its strength and power and was very popular among the nobility.

# 4. Gypsy Horse

This gorgeous horse breed is recognized after its bountiful leg feathering and for its beautiful black and white combination of its coat. However, it can also be seen in any other color also.

# 3. Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse is among the very first horse breeds that have been created in the United States. Its a very solid and elegant breed, which can be found mostly in the color black, bay or chestnut, but there are also other colors, including different shades of pinto. It is a breed that is famous for its versatility.

# 2. Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse could be one of the most easy to recognize horse breeds in the world, due to its special head shape and the way it carries its tail. Also, this is one of the oldest horse breeds on the planet. Along the centuries, Arabian horses have been spread in all the regions of the world, mainly because of the war and commercial trades and helped to improve other horse breeds with their qualities, like elegance, speed, strong bones and high levels of endurance.

# 1. Akhal-Teke

This horse right here, has been named the most beautiful horse in the world, or the “supermodel horse”, because of the finesse of its physical appearance. It is indeed a beauty that catches your eye. The Akhal Teke has a notoriety for high speed and endurance, they are considered to be very intelligent.

They come in several colors, but the colors that make the sheen of their coat pop out the best are perlino, palomino and cremello.

The shimmering effect of their coat is generated by their hair structure, as the opaque core is minimized and in certain areas of their body, it lacks completely. So, in those areas it is more present the transparent part of the hair which bends light on one side of the hair and refracts its on the other side, usually with a golden sheen.

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