The Top 5 Most Used Emoji and Emoticons

Emojis – we all use them, some more than others. Whether we want to tell someone that we’re extremely excited or on the contrary, really sad about something, we somehow find it easier to use an emoticon that describes the way we feel instead of trying to find the words to express it. Since emojis and emoticons are so popular, it comes as no surprise that there’s a wide variety of them out there. Even so, people tend to use some more than others. Today, we’re going to look at the top 5 most used emoji and emoticons. How many of these do you use?

emoji with heart shaped eyes made up of many small emojis

Top 5 Most Used Emoji and Emoticons

1. Laughing with Tears of Joy

One of the most used emoji of all times is the one that laughs while tears of joy fill its eyes. Its eyes are almost completely closed and its mouth is open, showing its upper teeth. This emoji can be used in multiple situations. Maybe something made you laugh so hard that you started to tear up. Or maybe you’re so happy about something that you can’t help but shed a few tears. Regardless of the reason why we use it, we can’t deny how expressive this emoji is.

2. Smiling with Heart-Shaped Eyes

Are you in love? Do you absolutely adore someone? What better way of expressing that in today’s technology-based world than sending them the smiling emoji that has heart-shaped eyes? Unlike the previous one, this emoji is smiling, but showing no teeth. Moreover, it has a look of complete and utter adoration on its face. Even though most of the time, people use it to communicate they love someone, it can also be used to express how much you love something, like your brand-new phone that comes with all of these great emojis.

3. Smirking Face

Another one of the most used emoji that we should mention is the smirking face. Part of the appeal of this emoji is that it can be very mysterious. As such, you can use it to express many things. You can literally take it to be a half-smile, but you can also consider it a sign of smugness, which is what most users do. It can also express scorn, or basically anything you want as long as the one you’re sending it to understand the message.

4. Thumbs Up

This is a pretty self-explanatory emoji. Even so, it can be used in many situations. The main idea behind it is that everything is good. Thus, you can use it to express approval of something or encourage someone for having done a great job. For instance, if someone suggests you should meet up at 5, you can send them the thumbs up emoji to signal that this is perfectly fine with you. Sometimes, people also use this emoji to express the action of hitchhiking, but this is not as common.

5. Loudly Crying

Finally, another one of the most used emoji figures that people seem to love to hate is the loudly crying face. While no one wants to be this sad, sometimes, people need to express how bad a situation makes them feel. This is the perfect emoji for that. It’s more than sad, it’s clearly desperate, with an open mouth, closed eyes, and tears streaming down its face. All these characteristics make it difficult for anyone to ignore its pain.

We hope you found today’s brief top of 5 of the most used emoji and emoticons both informative and entertaining. Do let us know if you use these emojis and which one is your favorite.

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