5+1 Reasons Why Motorcycling is Life-changing

1. There is no such thing as a motorcyclist who goes to therapy


5+1 Reasons Why a Motorcycle is Life-changing1

Motorcycling is life-changing. Just get on your bike, go anywhere, and all your problems will just vanish. It’s magic. A 2-hour ride is worth 20 hours of therapy. Why is that? Because it’s not just relaxing, it’s therapeutic per se. Pushing your limits is just pure medicine.

Moreover, just being out there on your own just clears your head, calms you down and reconnects you with nature. What more could you ask for?

2. Mechanics is for dummies

No matter how bad you were in school, you’ll just be forced to get your stuff together as far as mechanics are concerned. You can’t just push the pedal and go, you’ll have to able to make your own routine check. Small incidents happen, just think of it this way. Driving your car with a flat tire isn’t much of a risk, but before riding away on your motorcycle, at least check if your brakes are where they’re supposed to be. Taking your basic tool kit with you is almost mandatory. If a sinuous mountain road is what you dream about, than just consider the lightest breakdown with nobody to fix it for you for miles and miles. That’s the recipe for the worst-case scenario

3.Warm welcomes

5+1 Reasons Why a Motorcycle is Life-changing2

Whoever you are and wherever you go, people always greet you with a big smile. You may find yourself in the most remote villages of India, and you’ll be surprised to see people waving and children running after you for good luck.  Moreover, should you ever find yourself in need of directions, someone would always stop and give you a hand. Be prepared to receive more than you’re hoping for. This is the moment when anything could just fall out of the sky for free. For some weird reason, the joy you bring to perfect strangers when they see you riding your motorbike, makes them feel compelled to show you their generous side.

4. It can take you to wonderful places


You may not be aware of it yet, but as you are at your cubical, a lot of people are riding around the world. There’s been an explosion of this phenomenon during these past years as far as adventure motorcycling is concerned. People are taking it up more and more. That’s because this magical 2-wheel vehicle can take you to places one can only dream of conquering by car. Remote mountain paths, hidden villages with off-road access tracks are the latest attractions. Not to mention the petty fuel consumption

5. Back to basics 

A mountain Sunday ride is the best reminder of the fact that we could settle for less. Less food, less clothes, less money… When you are out there riding your motorcycle you can’t take your suitcase with you. Back to basics is the answer. You’ll be forced to find out how well one can manage without the shampoos and face creams that are waiting for you on in your bathroom cabinet.

5+1. It’s just cool

Well, there’s nothing more to that. It’s cool, and we all know it. It’s a proof of courage, a statement for freedom, a life lesson and a balance provider. It’s a life changing experience that turns you into the person you’ve always wanted to become. Just like that. It’s a little crazy to treat your motorcycle as if it were your therapist, or your spouse, or your mother and father, or your lifelong best friend, but in fact it is. It’s all of the above and much more.

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