When movie posters go Avatar

the-x-files-avatarWhen mega blockbuster  “Avatar” mixes up with famous Hollywood movies then you can imagine some real fun. Human imagination has unlimited faces and pictures to capture and think about. Actual development of Avatar started from 1994, when Cameron started writing an 80 page script of the movie. The movie was supposed to release after Cameron’s 1997 movie “Titanic” , but according to the director the technology at that time was not yet available to portray his vision of work.

wall-e-billion-dollar-baby-avatarnaviatar-hallelujah-mountains-avatarmeet-the-navis-avatarmarines-holiday-avatarjames-bond-avatardemon-with-blue-skin-requiem-for-a-dream-avataravatar-cat-people-gone-in-60-seconds We all loved Avatar, Hangover and other biggest movies from 2009, but what did we actually learn from those movies? Check it out here, its hilarious


  1. these were nicely done. Hallejuah Mountain, Meet the Na’Vis’ and Sigourney sixty seconds were my fav!!!

  2. haha, marines holiday instead of mr bean holiday. sigourney 60 seconds. hahahahahah
    I just love avatar <3

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